What’s the dumbest thing u believed in as a kid?

What’s the dumbest thing u believed in as a kid?

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  1. I thought that old people went to the church to get shot and die.
    I think I thought this because Bambi’s mom was the only kind of death I knew about at the time, and the church near me had a graveyard around it. So I just assumed.
    It made going to church very interesting because I was so scared they were going to kill me if I sinned.

  2. This is gunna sound weird but my sister made me believe that she and I have a mission to destroy monsters because she found a hidden book on the sand pit, whenever I asked to see the boom she said that it disappeared and some other kid found it, she also made fake descriptions of them and silly names, like one was called hand sanitizer xD, I was pretty small and believed every work but stopped at the worst time, she was gunna tell me about the demon king, but she didn’t cuz I stopped believing, still got some fun memories lol

  3. Back in the late ‘50s I believed that the guy who had an accent and lived in the last house at the end of the block was a Nazi war criminal. When I got older I eventually found out that he was a Hungarian refugee.

  4. That Snickers expand in your stomach. And that the reason they did that was because they were used in WW2 as rations that kept you full for longer. I have no idea why I thought this was true, nor do I understand why this bothered me so much lol.

  5. That cars were the reason that the earth spins, and whoever the first person to drive got to decide which direction the earth spins by what direction they drive in.

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