What’s the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?

What’s the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?

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  1. I tried to get onto the roof of the local school using a file to cut through the chain link fence while wearing a bright white T-shirt and white shorts that could be seen from blocks away, thus resulting in the cops showing up and having them point their firearms at me. Why was I trying to get on top of the roof you might ask. Well to get a better view of the fireworks.

    Edit: grammar

  2. Went to school high on painkillers and cough syrup during my sophomore year, and then got pregnant during my senior year and hid it from my parents and friends.

    Edit: the druggy thing was a sophomore phase only, I didn’t do any kind of substance while I was pregnant.

  3. So Colombine had just happened and I was one of those alt kids who wore too much black, had spiked hair etc but I was a good kid. I got called to the office because of my hair and the principal said it was people like me shot up schools. So I told him to suck my dick, followed by a litany of profanity.

    I probably shouldn’t have said that but he was out of pocket with that shit.

  4. Watch porn. Waste of time. It was all accepted and common and nobody told you how bad it was besides fundamentalist Christians. Maybe if fundamentalist Christians were a little more sane and had better optics I would’ve believed them.

  5. Losing my virginity to a prostitute. Prostitutes are just not worth it, I felt like I had to pay for sex since my area is so touristy and the locals have their own cliques. I was lonely and still am now.

  6. Oh fuck. Snatch and grabbed a liquor store, because I couldn’t find anyone older to buy me booze. My dumb ass threw enough money to cover it at the cashier, thinking it would all even out. Fingerprints were found, and I wound up doing community service.

  7. I tried buying weed but then chickened out the day I was supposed to get it. I used to be friends who were self proclaimed potheads, and they said they would pay me back if I bought them weed. Being naive, I had agreed. I had contacted a classmate of mine and asked how much it would cost, and he said a solid $100. I forget how much I was going to buy, but I had gathered my birthday money and stuffed it in my backpack. The day I was supposed to get it and pay for it, I cancelled and made up an excuse to my friend that the guy never showed up. I don’t know what I was thinking since I was in grade 10, and the handover was going to be on school grounds.

  8. when I was 13 I found a box of penthouse magazines on the side of the road in town and later traded them for a 22 handgun that I was going to kill my abusive parents with, I chickened out and instead threw it in a river, thus spent many more years getting screamed at and beaten. I slept on the floor growing up becuse they wouldn’t pay for a bed but had no trouble with cruises for themselves several times a year. I had a 32 hour a week job at 14 and my mother ransacked my room for the bank book when I went back to school in the fall and took all the money I saved up to go on a shopping spree for herself. I had to wear a coat all year to hide the bruises from my father beating me, when I was 15 I was in horrible pain and kept asking for them to take me to a dr, instead when they got tired of hearing it my father punched me in the stomach yelling “quit crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” that was when my gangreen appendix burst and I was in far more pain. I got to the phone and called 911, they were going to beat me for that but the opperator already had the info and told them to take me to the hospital or the police would be sent out, thats the only reason I survived though was in the hospital for a month and then bed ridden for 2 more due to complications of it bursting. they were monsters (I knew peggy sue hilt, she was the sitter who my mother hired who also beat us, peggy was on women behind bars episode 7 for her monsterous act of beating a 2 year old to death, I grew up with some of the worst people alive). anyway had I killed them back then I could have spared myself many years of trauma and probably wouldn’t be a backwoods hermit today.

  9. Hooo boy, this is a fun story from when I was 13 years old.

    So, I hung out with a not-so-great crowd. We’d play really mean pranks on people, skip class, and just be generally shitty people.

    One day, our “ringleader” decided that the house next door to him that was empty/for-sale seemed like a really cool place to hang out. So, of course, the 6 of us involved and our combined singular brain cell were like “Hell yeah, let’s do it!”. I also want to preface this by saying the first thing that he said to us before we did anything was “Guys, no matter what happens, do NOT snitch”. Uhh, duh, right? important for later.

    So fast forward to a week or so later, after we had already gone in there every day after school. I broke the basement mirror with a metal pipe, still have a scar on my left hand from when I cut it on the broken window. It was fun, adrenaline-filled, and INCREDIBLY stupid. I’m at my brother’s lacrosse game on a Friday night with my mom (who is very Eastern European). I get a call from what sounds like a friend of mine saying “This is officer so-and-so, I need you to come here now or I can come pick you up. Your choice” I’m like “Ha-Ha, very funny”, and hung RIGHT up on her. This was followed by a call from my friend’s mom who says “Get your ass over here NOW, and let me talk to your parents.” So I turned to my mom, handed her the phone, and I’m getting daggers stared at me the entire time. Rightfully so.

    I got the ass-beating of a lifetime in the car, which I definitely deserved, and she ripped me a NEW one. We get to the house, and I find out that the kid who said that no matter what happens, we don’t snitch, was the one that snitched. How, you ask? Well, the cops showed up to his house simply asking if he knew anything. This guy panicked and gave the officers our names, phone numbers, addresses, addresses, etc. that’s how we ended up getting caught, and in hindsight, I’m really glad we did, because who knows what I’d be doing/where I’d be if I didn’t get caught.

    The worst part? My dad finding out. He was a professional at psychological torture, actually scared the hell out of me when my mom said “Wait till your dad finds out”. So we get home around 7pm, and my dad was a limo driver at the time, so I decided to shower and go to bed SUPER early to avoid him getting home and having to deal with him. Unfortunately for me, he didn’t work the next day.

    I wake up to a loud *smack* that was his open palm smacking the hell out of me and asking “What did you do?”. To which I just stammered and couldn’t get a single word out – to which he replied “Never mind, I don’t even want to look at you right now, go to bed, we’ll talk in the morning”

    My terrified ass didn’t sleep that night at ALL. He gets up around 7AM, makes my favorite breakfast, and calls me downstairs. My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, etc. From the imminent wrath of my dad. I sit down, he tells me to eat my food, to which I try, and he smacks the fork out of my hand. “I thought I told you to eat your food” Tears welling up in my eyes, I try again, to which he smacks it out of my hands again. “Well, since I failed you this much as a father already, I might as well make things even more difficult for you, right? Do you know what they’re going to do to you in jail?” Which obviously scared the hell out of me to the point where I was 100% scared straight.

    So yeah, good times. I’m fairly proud of who I became today, and to this day I wonder what may have happened if I didn’t get caught doing that stupid stuff!

  10. Night riding on my Honda. No license, insurance or sanity. But I signaled and did the correct turns. Chased by cops three times. But here’s the fun part.

    Mom originally bought a CB100, we got a SL100 so the cops showed up to the other buyers home (dealership put wrong plates on) and by the time they figured out the mess, the motorcycle was toasted.

    So no citations, no punishment and a smile for those wild assed days.

  11. Dated an abusive man 20 years older than me because he told me I was “special” and “mature for my age.”

    The only reason he was interested in people so young was because women his own age understood how much of a useless loser he was.

  12. let my best friend pierce my ears with a needle

    all was well until one of the earrings backings somehow wedged itself into my earlobe and was stuck there for about 5-6 years until i got surgery to remove it. the surgery costed around a few thousand bucks

    you could literally feel it in my earlobe if you touched it. it was fun to tell people and let them touch it and see their shocked/creeped out faces

  13. Can you give a more specific age range? After 14, things got wild. I tangled with Darwin a lot.

    Edit: never mind on the specific age range. The good stuff, not sure what the statute of limitations is in these cases.

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