What’s the easiest dish to cook?

What’s the easiest dish to cook?

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  1. American Chop Suey.

    Boil a box of macaroni (elbows is good)

    Brown 1/lb of ground beef.

    Drain fat.

    Add one can of crushed tomatoes to brown beef. Add salt and pepper and whatever you want. Let it cook for whatever you want. Use the force.

    Drain elbows.

    Add meat and sauce.

    Eat. I was able to make it by myself at 9

  2. Rice and pasta are both excluded as a source of carbs because they are too easy to fuck up.

    Anything with a sauce that involves frying onions or garlic has to be excluded because too easy to burn.

    Potatoes can be cooked in their skin. It’s pretty hard to fuck them up. Either baked in an oven or boiled in water.

    And the easiest topping is one you don’t even have to cook: in Germany there’s this kind of smooth cottage cheese called Quark, but failing that, cottage cheese, grated cheddar, and garnishes like radishes, cherry tomatoes, pickles, etc.

    Topping your baked potato with baked beans (I know, I know, but try it, it’s actually good) is the next step up – can be jazzed up with curry powder, chutney, and/or cheese.

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