What’s the fastest way you’ve see someone ruin there life?

What’s the fastest way you’ve see someone ruin there life?

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  1. Saw someone at a casino last month talking about how they just recieved their inheritance. While i was waiting for my drink, they put it all on red… lost every single penny to their name. Dude went ballistic.

  2. I’m highschool we were at a party and this really nice kind of skinny quite nerdy kid kind of made a light hearted joke at this dudes expense and the guy sucker punched in the face and when he was out kicked him in the head once. The kid died and the guy is just due to get.out of jail this yeas 22 years later. One drunken kick cost him basically his entire life but he deserved it at the end of the day

  3. a friend of mine once murdered someone,
    the got away with it
    nobody knew it was him
    until the emotional and mental damage got to him
    he committed suicide and in the letter he wrote he told everyone what he did and why

  4. A few names come to mind. Michael Richards, Kanye West, Bernie Madoff, Tila Tequila, ect.

    But, no one ruined their career quicker than Kevin Spacey. His fall from grace made Harvey Weinstein’s look graceful in comparison.

  5. A friend married very early and never really checked any finance stuff from their bank.
    Turns out her husband took several high loans on their name, they are now divorced and she is still paying half of it back after 5 years of legal battle.

  6. The amount of girls I’ve known that want to fuck around with some trashy jailbait loser, get pregnant, then have the dude run off or abuse them or whatever. Like… am I supposed to feel bad? I knew it was going to happen. How much obvious shit do you have to ignore to let that happen?

  7. I didnt see this but i heard a story of a guy who was 20 years old and used drugs. Then he got to the hospital he had some heart problems. They said you can get this
    thing to your heart i dont remember what was it. In hospital they said that if you use drugs the thing will break and you cant get another because it would be his own decision. 2 weeks go by and this guy used drugs and died after Rest in peace.

  8. Drugs, and if you have seen the picture of “ the downward spiral “ you know. Don’t ever have a monkey on your back. I know someone who doesn’t know if his brother is alive or dead. Got in trouble with drugs and disappeared. Hopefully on purpose but maybe permanently but unknown. It is sad. Just look at the homeless and I bet 75.%+ Started with substance abuse.

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