What’s the first step when surviving a plane crash on a deserted island?

What’s the first step when surviving a plane crash on a deserted island?

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  1. First thing is build a fire and make a shelter of some sort, even in the tropics it is possible to die of exposure.

    Then you start looking for water and food.

  2. In any survival situation:

    1. See if there are threats (wildlife, plane on fire, people who want to hurt you)

    2. Drinkable water

    3. Shelter/fire to get you out off the elements.

    You can survive 3+ weeks without food. Less then 3 days without water. And in some environments, less then a hour of exposure. Never make food a priority.

  3. Depending on the climate and time of year, water, shelter, food, in that order.

    Just don’t ever blindly trust water or you’ll be dead before you understand what you did wrong.

  4. Find/build shelter while you still have your strength, making sure not to overexert.

    In the process try to identify a fresh water source, or else build a solar still from available trash **after** shelter is established. This can easily take the form of a sand pit near the tide line with clear plastic over the top arranged so condensing evaporated water collects in a small separate container.

    Food is your lowest priority, as the body can handle several days to even a couple weeks without it quite easily – but that said, if a food opportunity presents itself, don’t wait.

  5. Shelter water make a giant triangle or sos markings visible from above,try and make tools from trash and debris,make fire,food.
    Most people who gets rescued in the wild in my country gets taken out by hypothermia and dehydration,and also never turn your back to the ocean,waves take people and the current sucks them out to ocean and they drown.

  6. Well, if is actually on the island, you have got supplies, shelter, and bottled water on the plane. I would say evaluate if the plane is going to be pulled out by the tide. If not, haul the dead bodies out to prevent disease.

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