What’s the hardest truth you’ve learned in your life?

What’s the hardest truth you’ve learned in your life?

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  1. You can’t change anyone else, you can only change yourself.

    To blame anyone else for your reactions or situations, is to give them the control over changing it.

    My response is my responsibility.

  2. That life is not fair..seeing the one’s who bullied me in the past live a normal and happy life with no remorse while I faced frustration, sadness and even now feels socially awkward due to the low confidence I have ever since those days, make me feel worse.

  3. A few:

    1.) Love is not enough to keep a relationship alive.

    2.) Sometimes the worse things you will say to someone will eventually be the last thing they will ever hear from you. Sorry dad.

    3.) You need to learn to properly open up on an emotional level with your partner. Being emotionally closed off will lead to a lot of issues.


    5.) Just stop with the excessive caffeine consumption. MODERATION.

  4. That time goes fast–really really fast and the older you get the faster it goes. For so many years you thought you had plenty of time to decide on a future, until you wake up one day still undecided, but now you realize that your life consists of more past than future and that despite the old axiom about how “it’s never to late”, there’s now a tight little knot in your stomach telling you that “It probably is too late.”

  5. Love is not guaranteed. It wasn’t guaranteed from the moment you were born and it won’t be guaranteed to be by your side when you take your final breaths. Don’t take it for granted, just simply enjoy it when you have it.

  6. Some people just don’t care to apologize or don’t care about your feelings and they will never validate you. You should only seek self-validation, because at the end of the day, it’s you who has to live with yourself. You know your own truth.

  7. No matter how hard you try to keep the peace and help the ones you care about to be happy. It isn’t enough. You are setting yourself up for failure.

  8. That my parents dont give a shit about me. All those delusional ideas about love and feelings I had when I was a kid should have been spent on acceptance and loving myself.

  9. If you’re seeing red flags in a relationship, then they’re their for a reason. Don’t ignore them because you think the person is cool or that you can change them.

  10. Almost every argument stems from assumptions. These assumptions aren’t always made maliciously – but because we’re trying to fill in gaps. When someone does or says something, and we dont understand their motivations, we search for some sort of explanation. but our explanation for these actions are almost always 100% wrong because our explanations are through a filter of our own experience. “well, the only reason I would say or do that thing is if this were the reason.” so we fill in the gap with our own narrative. That causes us to pass judgment on the other person. But that judgment is based on our OWN assumptions. Over time, without proper communication, you end up with a caricature of that person in your mind, who they are, what they’re about, whats important to them, what their motivations are. But its all literally WRONG.

    We need to remember to ASK why someone did or said something and avoid filling in those gaps ourselves. When you do this you’ll begin to realize that your initial explanation is almost ALWAYS wrong, that the filter of your experience is blinding you to all other possible explanations.

  11. You can clearly communicate what you like/don’t, but someone will always try to define what you want and talk over you as if they’re the authority on the subject.

  12. No matter how hard you might work for something, sometimes your goal simply will never be within your reach and you’re better off giving up and directing your efforts towards something else.

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