what’s the highest compliment you have ever received ?

what’s the highest compliment you have ever received ?

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  1. a stranger who invited me to have dinner with to thank me

    a customer who insisted to give me £50 as tip

    an old friend who offered to finance my uni (for sexual favours) lol

  2. The highest compliment I have ever received is when someone told me I was kind, caring, and always put others before myself. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that I am making a difference in someone’s life.

  3. A girl from high school said I had the most beautiful eyes. She warned me that I should keep my eyes on her at all times or else she’ll sneak up while I’m not looking and steal my eyes. Everyday, she’ll randomly sneak from behind to cover my eyes with her hands and whispher “these are mine”.

    I was such a naive guy and thought she was just being playful. Didn’t even realize she’s flirting with me.

  4. When I was silently singing to myself in a pub while someone was doing karaoke, a girl next to me said „Yo, you can sing really good! Are you taking lessons?“

    I did not.

  5. I ran into an older gentleman I played soccer with at a bar with a friend—he called me “just a peach to play (soccer) with”.

    The group I play soccer with are all pretty solid…I’m objectively not, from a skill standpoint, one of the top 5-10 players most weeks. But I work hard, especially on defense, play pretty selflessly (I know I don’t have the skill to dribble a bunch of people so I get rid of the ball pretty quickly and on time), and am pretty inclusive / slow to anger (the really good players are the first to fight, get upset at someone else, etc.). To be fair, I’m by no means terrible – I’m pretty quick, strong in the air, and more than capable of passing with either foot or holding up play…but he was referencing none of those and just my mentality when I played.

    Idk, it was years ago, but I remember just being like…I want to bring that energy to everything I do.

  6. once (unknowingly) had two heads of department poring over one of my exam papers wondering if they should give me full marks on the biggest question of the paper

    I did in fact get full marks on that question

  7. “You’re a nerd. You’re one of the biggest nerd I’ve seen till now. If you do this your way, you’re going to nail this”

    Context: I decided to continue studying while having a full time job. This was said by a friend of mine so I leave the job and focus on studies. That way I won’t be making myself busy for 15 hours everyday.

  8. After coming back from college, my parents told me they were so proud of me and genuinely believe I have a bright future. In asian culture this was rare to hear, so on the outside, I was “aw thanks” on the inside: “FJUSHEUIWUE”

  9. Not a direct complement. But I matched with a girl on Tinder who happened to start working at the same place as me around the time I quit (it was a pizza joint I worked at 13 years ago). I didn’t remember her, but she remembered me, because of all the good and funny stories people kept telling about me from the time I worked there.

    Back then I was a really outgoing and funny guy, but since then life has beaten me down to the point I’m but a shadow of the former me, so it was really nice to hear that I made such an impact with the people I worked with back in the day.

  10. “I could tell you even the worst things about me and not feel embarrassed or judged”

    Quite a few people have said this to me over the years. Makes me feel like if they ever need me emotionally, hopefully I’ll be there at least as a listening ear

  11. i once had a girl tell me my voice “taste like chamomile tea.” after she told me it was therapeutic. most will probably find that odd but i thought it was sweet.

  12. “Your biceps look like fuckin’ eggs brah, good job, keep going!”

    This came from some random dude my age in the gym. After meeting him 3 other times in the same gym we became friends. He is now my main gym partner and one of my closest friends.

  13. I’m a babysitter. I have a group of kids I babysit who have an awesome single mother. She works as a nurse, which is a very demanding job so she’s a regular for me.

    “You’re the best babysitter we’ve ever had.”

    She insisted on a 50$ tip because she said she’d be home at 6:30 but showed up at 7:30 because they had a full house, which I didn’t mind since the kids are awesome. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t necessary and it was fine.

    She always makes dinner for me, which the dinners are amazing.

    She takes me and her kids out to do stuff when she has the day off to make up for her coming home late due to work.

    I always tell her “thank you” and that it’s really fine and all of this isn’t necessary. It boosts my confidence a lot. I charge 20$ usually. She pays me 35 an hour. I call her “Mom” since she really does care. I never had many compliments but, Linda, if you have Reddit, thank you so much but this isn’t really necessary and it’s fine. Thank you for the confidence boost.

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