What’s the hottest thing someone has ever said to you?

What’s the hottest thing someone has ever said to you?

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  1. I had a vegan girl in uni give me a blowjob (she loved swallowing) and after finishing up and cuddling with me she asked aloud whether it’s against the rules of being vegan to swallow cum. Idk why but I got rock hard again…

  2. I was heading to high school on a crowded bus (No seats left), when a girl from another high school asked to sit. I said sure and was about to get up until she plopped onto my lap. I started getting horny and she must have felt it because she glanced back at me with a devious smile. She stayed on my lap until her stop even though more seats were open. At her stop she got up and said to me.

    Thanks…Big boy

  3. My wife, first time we ever had bareback sex when she got on the pill, pulled me in and said “I want you to pretend like you’re fucking me to knock me up” or something to that effect I don’t remember… instant finish LOL

  4. Reaching climax during a blowjob I ask where she wanted it.

    “in my mouth, I don’t want to miss a drop.”

    For some reason that felt so hot to hear, still think about it it years after.

  5. Sitting across from each other at the restaurant table on our very first date, while waiting for our lunch to arrive she looked me square in the eyes and said, “ya know, I really need someone to hammer me to the moon!”

  6. The one that comes to mind at the moment is when I was giving my current partner head for the first time they didn’t make any other noises besides “jesus fucking christ” over and over again but whispering it

  7. one of my friends said in text on discord one time was “brrrrr, you look so good it that scarf” it sounds lame as fuck on the inside but i still went with it

  8. Wife had a delicate appointment during the week. The night before as we did the nasty she said to me, “don’t cum inside me” and goddamn of it wasn’t hot as fuck in that moment, made it feel so illicit!

  9. Coworker and I had been playing with zero strings attached off and on for 6 months or so. She started seeing a guy and said we couldn’t play anymore. ‘Cool, good for you. It was fun while it lasted.’

    Fast forward a month or so, we still see each other regularly at work and still laugh and have stress free fun times while on shift. All is good and the memories of the fun we had are getting me through some ‘lean times.’

    A few of us go out for drinks. Good night is being had by all and I find myself alone with her for a minute within the larger group and she says quietly to me ‘I am coming home with you tonight. It’s not cheating if you fuck me in the ass.’

    Let me repeat that ‘IT’S NOT CHEATING IF YOU FUCK ME IN THE ASS.’

    Life peaked for me that evening in my late twenties.

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