What’s the longest time you spent without sleeping?

What’s the longest time you spent without sleeping?

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  1. In the Army 72 hours in one stretch while on field training. Went 12 days with about 15 total hours of sleep during field training during another training excersise.

  2. Studying for a test in grad school at FSU, three days. The brain starts to hallucinate after being awake more than two days, regardless if you are sober or on Adderall

  3. It was about 2.5-3 days. I had checked myself into a facility because I was having a severe depressive episode with suicidal thoughts and nonstop panic attacks. I was scared shitless and also, being a psych facility, I was a little paranoid and didn’t trust any of the other patients. A combination of total exhaustion and the doctors giving me a sleeping pill finally put my lights out and I slept for about 18 hours, interrupted only by the nurses coming in to check on me.

  4. Three days while “hackathoning” a programming project that was supposed to be carried out over the whole semester.

    Plus it was a three person project, but one dropped out mid semester and one got into a car crash and was hospitalized. So i was stuck, alone with a three person semester programming project and three days until due date.

    After the first 24 hours everything was pretty normal. At 4 in the afternoon extreme triedness kicked in but I drowned it in coffee and red bull, after that I was in a trance like state. Highly concentrated on coding and not paying attention on anything else, except for when I got up to get more red bull. I was feeling more and more like I was on some sort of psychedelics.

    When I was finished, I laid into my bed and fell asleep instantly, only to wake up some 12 hours later and after being initially extremely confused, not knowing whether it was day, night or even what day of the week it was, I looked on the calender and realized I was awake for probably 50-70 hours straight.

    Finished the project and passed it as well as the following exam about the same topic, btw.

    Some of my most unhealthy, but also most productive days in uni.

  5. About 6 days straight. Was under the influence of a cocktail of stimulants, mostly cocaine and certain derivatives. Certainly had an impact on my personality. Shit, in hindsight, got weird. I also became worryingly short-sighted as a side affect by the end, as in i suddenly couldn’t read the time by my watch as it was too blurry (to this day i have perfect 20/20 vision so this was alarming).

    A normal nights sleep sorted that out, and i’ve not abused my body to that extreme since.

  6. 68 hours. I have severe chronic insomnia. The first time I went two consecutive nights without sleeping I went to a doctor. Haven’t had more than about 40 hours since then.

  7. 30 hours or so on the way home from Japan. I may have been forced awake longer when I was young and had a really bad concussion, but it was so bad that I don’t remember.

  8. 56 hours. Got all excited about camping so didn’t sleep the night before. Then it was a terrible night due to a suprise storm where it was freezing and the tent was in danger of coming apart so no sleep that night either. Packed up in the morning when it was back to being calm again and slept like a log when I got home.

  9. Close to 72 hours; after my baby was born and we left the hospital (I worked a 10 hour shift and had top stray up for 3 more hours before driving my GF to the hospital, so I passed out after her c-section and us getting a room). I was too excited and anxious (because of all the SIDs horror stories) to go to sleep when we finally got home.

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