What’s the most emotionally charged song you’ve heard?

What’s the most emotionally charged song you’ve heard?

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  1. You listen to Nick Cave’s “I Need You” with the knowledge that it’s written right after his teenage son fell off a fucking cliff and died and it becomes truly crushing. People talk about “Tears in Heaven” as some sort of tragic masterpiece but Clapton comes off as calm and composed and even mellow. Nick on “I Need You” is a man in shambles with a mind going around in unintelligible circles, sticking on unimportant details as if locked in a state of shock.

  2. Rufus Wainwright – Going To A Town

    OP also wants to know why:

    The line “I’m so tired of America” really gives me chills. The feeling of not fitting in the place that you see as your home.

  3. At the end of Jacob Geller’s video about the fear of cold, talking about Jack London’s To Build a Fire, the game Frostpunk, and some accounts of wilderness survival, the song The Cremation of Sam McGee plays over the credits. It’s the perfect emotional capstone to the video.

  4. An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces by Enter Shikari.

    It’s a very personal song for the singer as he was going through a hard time while writing the album “The Spark”.

  5. Birth and Death of the Day by Explosions In The Sky – It just hits all the points. The beginning is boring, the build up is almost stressful but exciting, the climax is exuberant and intense, and the the close is relaxing: https://youtu.be/Fz-mWblMPpw

    Walk by The Foo Fighters – Need I explain?

    Dawson’s Christian by Carmen Miranda’s Ghost – Imagine Folk music. Imagine Science Fiction short stories. Imagine them together, and call it Filk. Then imagine an old astronaut who’s space faring days are done and they sings about their time among the stars. That’s Carmen Miranda’s Ghost, and Dawson’s Christian is my favourite: https://youtu.be/VyVuuXUR7Lc

  6. Pennywise’s Bro Hymn Tribute is pretty emotionally charged. It’s about the bassist of their band who shot himself after losing his battle with alcoholism, a crutch he used to deal with the loss of 3 of his own close friends.

    The album they released after his suicide his very emotional and consists of many anti suicide and mourning messages.

  7. From what I’ve seen in the vocaloid community, it’s definitely rolling girl. It’s not just the song, but also it’s impact. The producer of the song, wow aka, is regarded as the person who got hatsune miku and vocaloid as a whole popular. Even though he’s gone nowadays, I’ve still heard people getting impacted by the song. Some said it helped them with depression and various other problems. I’ve seen people use an audio where miku is singing rolling girl and she stops on the line that translates to “the girl said, the girl said” and you just hear the crowd singing before she goes back to singing. This audio is often used as a tribute to wowaka and I remember almost crying to it.

  8. [Kim – Eminem](https://youtu.be/-SeVN2u5Axc)

    The song is gruesome and gives me the chills, but there’s also so much emotion and so much hurt in there. Eminem opens himself to deep vulnerability in this song, portraying some of his darkest thoughts.

    The song is so emotionally charged it is almost uncomfortable.

  9. i hate myself – to a husband at war

    As a teen, this line always got me:

    > Yesterday a telegram said that you had died / I went to our room / I mean my room / I went to my room and cried

  10. To Tell You The Truth by Written By Wolves

    Everything, the lyrics, music, the way the singer sings, and the music video. This song always makes me feel heartache. Probably also because I’ve lost a very important person a few years ago, can’t get over it, and still wish I could somehow go back in time and die instead of him, although I know it’s impossible.

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