What’s the most fucked up relationship advice post you’ve seen on Reddit?

What’s the most fucked up relationship advice post you’ve seen on Reddit?

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  1. A woman was asking for advice on how to safely leave her physically and mentally abusive husband and another woman replied that she shouldn’t leave because it’s against Gods way. That instead the OP should do everything according to her husbands wishes and try her best not to make him angry. She went on to say the OP should offer sexual favors more often to attempt to keep him happy. There was more I can’t remember but oh my was it horrible advice

  2. I saw something that said if you walk up to girls and say “hey, let’s play a really quick game for a really quick kiss” but you rig the game so you always win, and then molest them right there and post it on social media for all the twelve year olds to see

    you’ll definitely get their number then

  3. It was on r/relationship_advice, because of course it was. A guy was horrified when his friends set him up on a “date” with a trans-“girl”, and then he found out about the dick. He, or his friends (can’t remember which) went there to ask about the friends’ conduct.

    It was then that a mod there, who was also trans (at least they claimed to be), tried SHAMING the KID who was tricked into this, calling him “transphobic” and that he should’ve been eager to gobble on some “girl cock”, along those lines.

    I tried stepping in to remind this mod what *real* phobia and oppression are, but I got banned.

    I will repeat: you are not transphobic if you don’t find a MtF sexually attractive. And those who claim you are, aren’t helping anyone, least of all actual trans-folk.

  4. Anything I’ve seen on those MGTOW and incel posts. When clueless idiots who have never been within arms reach of a woman outside their own mother’s start pontificating about how things should be it’s bound to be fucked up advice.

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