What’s the most incredible event you’ve witnessed during your lifetime?

What’s the most incredible event you’ve witnessed during your lifetime?

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  1. When a [stolen military tank](https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/25th-anniversary-of-destructive-tank-rampage) went rampaging through my grandma’s neighborhood when I was a kid. We watched everything from her from porch, shit was absolutely insane.

    I also grew up just down the road from where the Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicide (I was 10 at the time), although that was more of a local event than something I personally witnessed.

  2. As a kid, I saw the space shuttle Challenger explode live on TV. I saw Budd Dwyer shoot himself live on TV. I saw the space shuttle Columbia explode and the Twin Towers fall live on TV. As far as in-person goes, I’ve gotten to see Tom Waits live twice from within 5 rows.

  3. I birthed three babies and everyday I’m still like… how the fuuuuuuuck.
    It’s still surreal to me, having little mini versions of my hubby and I running around and becoming their own people
    Human reproduction still amazes me.

    I was also around for 9/11 on TV, mad cow and all that jazz.

  4. September 11. Watching that unfold live on TV, and the aftermath that followed (I was living in Singapore at the time, but am not an American) was astounding. Not to mention all the changes in so many facets of life that occurred after it as well. I hope I don’t see another event like it in my lifetime again.

  5. The Montreal Ice Storm. It was eerily quiet and beautiful outside, but super dangerous. While walking around, trying to find a grocery store that was open, a huge branch almost fell on my mom, her friends and me.

    Because it was so quiet, you could hear all the ice breaking a falling and tinkling. It was mystical and creepy. Very cool but I wouldn’t want to have to go through that again.

  6. September 11th – on TV
    Birth of my 3 kids
    Hurricane Katrina- in person ( was a block of the Gulf in the eastern eye wall during…I’m dumb I know)
    Deepwater Horizon- was first responder.

  7. Apollo Moon Missions when I was a kid.

    Fall of the Berlin Wall is in first place. That was the most inspiring thing I have ever seen as adult.

    Worst things: Jim Jones and his followers drinking the kool-aid; Challenger Mission; 9/11; the Boxing Day tsunami and the Japanese tsunami

  8. I’ve seen some weird shit in the sky/stars growing up. Back then the light pollution wasn’t nearly as bad as now and you were able to see everything and often times something will end up moving.

  9. The solar eclipse was really fucking cool. When you think about the actual odds that our planet would perfectly align with another, and it with ours is incredible.

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