What’s the most out of line thing a doctor has every said to you?

What’s the most out of line thing a doctor has every said to you?

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  1. You’ll be fine. Don’t go to the hospital. All they do anyway is keep you safe for a bit.

    *after a suicide attempt, followed that day by another.

  2. Not a doctor, but a nurse told me that I shouldn’t exercise to raise my heart rate because my heart has a fixed number of beats in it before it goes out.

  3. I had adenomyosis so severely that I was anemic and had to menstruate into adult diapers two weeks a month.

    “Just take Iron tablets.”

    The woman who removed my uterus had to cut it it to pieces to get it out. It was swollen like a basketball.

    Iron tablets. Right. I know just where to stick ’em, Doc.

  4. “You’re too young to have anything wrong with your neck I don’t think the MRI is going to show us anything.” 🙄🥺
    A colleague was filling in for my nurse practitioner.

    My obgyn thought discussing starting weight loss in my third trimester was a goal we should have. I weighed 179 and worked in retail standing all day.

  5. My hormones were out of whack. I was drinking 300+ ounces of water a day and still thirsty. I would go to bed with a 32 oz of water and wake up all night to either drink the water or use the restroom. I slept in 30 minute spurts every night for months. I went to 3 endocrinologists. One told me I was “a drama Queen and if you want attention, there are better ways to get it. And you need to lose weight”. The second told me “You have a stressful job. Get a less stressful job.” The third walked in said “Get off your birth control. See you in 8 weeks” and walked out. That was the whole appointment. Turns out I had a tumor on my adrenal gland (found out when I had a CT scan for a kidney stone), and I have stage 3 Adrenocortical Carcinoma.

  6. My obgyn told me that as long as I’m “friends with a girl” I don’t need to get tested for STDs.

    I wasn’t “friends with a girl”, I was in a lesbian relationship with a woman, and why do I have to tell my obgyn that lesbians can still catch STDs? We wanted to both get tested before being intimate in any way, but she didn’t let me.

    She also told me that it didn’t matter that I didn’t get my period as a result of my eating disorder, as long as I was “loosing weight”.

    She’s no longer my obgyn.

  7. Complaining to an OBGYN about heavy periods and while gaslighting me that its only bad if I go through X amount of tampons, I said I go through X amount of pads (a lot), not really a tampon person, and her response with full raised judgy eyebrow “Pads…? Well then idk what to tell you. If you decide you want an IUD let me know” and ended the visit.

    I was used to doctors totally disregarding my issue, but now we’re going to gaslight and pad-shame at the same time? No ma’am. Never saw her again.

  8. I got a std check after being raped by a group of men. It was difficult but I braved the appointment. I had something. The doctor told me I needed to contact them and tell them to get tested, I told them they wouldn’t be possible. They said I was selfish, and would be responsible for thousands of cases. He never even asked me if I’d consented to it

  9. After telling me I had a miscarriage “Don’t feel that pain. Why would you want to feel it? Go home and forget it”. Thanks old man. Went home in shock and fell apart.

  10. Injured my back doing CrossFit in 2012. Woke up a couple days later unable to walk. ER doctor told me, while showing me the X-ray, that my backbone is bending the wrong way and I need surgery. Went to an ortho the next day who told me the ER doctor was holding the x-ray backwards…turns out I strained the muscles in my lower back and got a 5 day muscle steroid pack that had me waking again after day 2. An ER doctor…who sees a lot of people a day…an ER doctor….

  11. Not me, but my friend.

    Told her to eat 1,000kcal a day and it was okay if she got as low as 800kcal or just didn’t eat.

    She also suggested that my friend wanted to lose weight so she could retake her wedding photos.

    I’m a registered dietitian. I reported that doctor to our national credentialing/governing body (US). Heard nothing.

  12. My doctor refused, for years, to let me get an IUD even though I was in my 30s, married, and had made it clear I didn’t want children because, “you might get an infection from the IUD and it could mean you never have children.” Like. Dude could just not accept I don’t want kids. He is no longer my doctor.

  13. Before bandaging up my hand after a carpal tunnel op, asked me to test it by opening the camera app and scanning a qr code to leave him a review as it was the first time he’d done that surgery.

  14. i went in because i was having bad, irregular periods and my husband and i were ttc. she came in told me it was because i was fat and to stop eating cheese. she didn’t run any tests or anything. didn’t offer any advice other than to stop eating cheese as if i’m just shoveling cheese down my throat every day. i am overweight, but i’m not like morbidly obese she didn’t have to say it like that

  15. He unhooked my front-close bra while listening to my heart/lungs with the stethoscope. He then suggested he give me a pelvic exam, and kept pushing even after I said I had a gyn already and was up to date.

  16. They noticed that I’d lost 15lbs from the previous visit, I was there because was in a severe amount of mouth pain (not tooth) pain, and this line came out “Well that makes sense, you haven’t been able to eat for the past two weeks”.

  17. I told her that I needed a check up for an STD because I had unprotected the weekend before. I don’t know why but she bursted out laughing.

  18. As a teenager, I went to a doctor for a sore throat. I thought I might have had strep throat. Anyway, as he was examining my throat, he starts asking if I have regular periods. Not sure what that had to do with a sore throat, I replied, “Yes, I get one every month. They average about every 24 days.”

    When I used the word “average”, he thought my periods were indeed irregular. He says to me, “You will never be able to have children.”

    I so wanted to say, “Ok doc, now that you’ve given me a totally irrelevant diagnosis, are you gonna look up my ass to see if I have strep throat?”

  19. I visited an eye doctor once due to some issues with my contact lenses. I was asked if I slept with them in and I understood that to mean sleeping overnight or for extended periods of time. I responded no because I never did that and she then asked me if I took naps with them in. I responded yes because I’d take a half hour nap on occasion with my contacts in. The doctor’s response, “So you do sleep with them in… That means you’re lying to me.” I was 15 and it felt very demeaning and like a “gotcha” moment for no reason. My mom was there since she took me to the appointment. I looked to her and she was not at all happy. I apologized for the confusion, finished the exam/diagnosis, and we left. I told my mom I never wanted to go back there, she said I wouldn’t, and I never have.

  20. First off heres some context: went to the doctor for my ADHD medication update a few weeks ago and she had asked me if i knew who she was and when i said “my doctor” she asked what her name is and I responded with her name so she asked me this

    (Idk if this is odd) “so you know who I am, good now who are you, your full name, age, exact birthdate, reason you are here, and your height and weight.”

    When I stuttered on it (I have a rlly bad stutter btw) she asked me an even weirder question

    “Do you know who you are, do you know if you’re real, are you sure, you are really you?”

  21. After I told my former gynecologist I was dating a trans man and was not interested in exploring birth control options she said

    “When you break up with your trans boyfriend and get a new boyfriend make sure you come back to me and I’ll put you on birth control.”

    There are a lot of assumptions being made in that statement and I don’t appreciate any of them.

  22. One of my early therapists said that i am “unfixable” due to genetics when it comes to mental health and just reffered me to a different therapists.

    It may be true but harsh never the less.

  23. “you’re problem is you drink soda” It was the first one I’d had in months and because she saw it in my hand she assumed that nothing else had to be examined

  24. After standing in the hallway outside the room, loudly talking football with someone else for over 15 minutes, the Doc walks into my room tells me he does “not have time” to address my health concerns and will refer me to a specialist if I want. Then leaves. Less than 3 minutes in the room.

    I reported him to both the Medical Group he was a part of, their parent medical group, and requested a change of physician with my insurance company that Day. I don’t know what happened to him, but If he made a habit of that with other patients, I hope he was fired.

  25. “If you can’t lose weight, have your calorie intake be less than 800 a day and work out at least 30 minutes a day. That ought to do it.”

    What’s worse, it was an endocrinologist that said that.

  26. My anesthesiologist told me (I was like 9) that I should stop crying otherwise he would send my mother away.

    Then I called him a cunt. My mother was proud.

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