What’s the most painful rejection you ever got?

What’s the most painful rejection you ever got?

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  1. We already had gone on a date. For the next one, she asked to go to a pub she liked.

    When we got there, she said she was low on money and asked if she could drink on my tab, which I said was fine. A few hours and $40 worth of drinks later, she’s hammered and I’m ready to cut it off, so I tell her we should get going.

    She called someone to pick her up. We had arrived together, so I asked what that was about. She said she had also been seeing another guy and felt there was more potential with him. He was coming to pick her up, so we couldn’t go on any more dates, *”but we can still be friends”*…

    I got upset and called it how I saw it, she got drunk on my dollar to leave with another guy. She put on an overblown super-offended act, called me a sad, gross, desperate loser, and that she’d never be drunk enough to want to be with me.

    It’s okay, I totally didn’t have self esteem issues after that…

  2. I went travelling through Sweden with a friend back in college, which was a lot longer ago than I want to admit. He was completely enamored with Swedish women and was continually attempting to seduce them. “Excuse me, do you speak English?” he asked one of them one day, to which she replied “not today” and continued walking.

  3. When I was still in high school I came home late from work to find all my belongings on the front lawn in the snow. My drunk mother and crazy boyfriend decided it was time to get rid of me. Haven’t trusted anyone since.

  4. I told her I liked her, and it was really obvious I was nervous and that I was working up some courage to tell her.

    She then goes “Okay okay okay. Have I ever done anything to make you think that *I* like you? No? Then *why* are you telling me this?”

    Felt awful, especially that this was a 24 year old adult, not something that happened in highschool.

    Took me another year to really get how shitty she was, and cut her out of my life.

  5. She laughed at me then proceeded to get her friends to laugh as well and then after that people would ask me out as a joke and then say ewwww no if I said yes the result being I haven’t been able to trust if someone is genuinely attracted to me and I still domt trust most people

  6. In high school, I was *incredibly* shy, like to the point that it someone looked at me I’d turn fourteen shades of red… When I was a sophomore, I had a huge crush on a classmate one year higher than me. Every spring, my school had its own version of a Sadie Hawkins dance. I gathered up every single bit of courage I had, and encouraged and assisted by several mutual friends, decided to go far outside my comfort zone and ask him to the dance… Keep in mind, this wasn’t a casual suggestion on my part, I put a lot of time/energy/resources into asking (not that that matters, but it wasn’t just a “hey, wanna go together? sort of scenario). After several agonizing days, anxiously awaiting his answer, word got back to me that he asked another classmate to go with him, so he wouldn’t have to go with me… Then had the audacity to suggest that us, along with our respective dates, all go in a group to dinner and the dance… The rest of my years in high school were just as bad, but college was much better!

  7. Asked a girl out in high school just before a week long holiday, to which she had said yes and gave me her number. Every time I tried to call her she was miraculously not there, even though she could be heard in the background. Turns out she told her friends, all excited, and then her friends told her not to go through with it.

  8. Not really a rejection, but in high school, I was in class talking to some people in a circle. I got up to leave and as I was walking away, one of them uttered “Wow, he has the worst acne I have ever seen”.

    At the time it bothered me, but it never got me depressed or anything. I eventually got on accutane which cured it. The cruelty of that comment makes me laugh today. High school was fun in that it had so many weird social moments. I like to think kids are nicer today, because I consider myself lucky that I didn’t let comments like that get to me.

  9. I was a lot younger at the time, and I was really into this girl I went to school with (I was about 9).
    On a Saturday morning, I’d finally summoned the confidence to ask her out. I mustered the confidence, dressed up, and strolled around the block to her house. I paused, took a big breath, and knocked on the door. She responded, “There was no precursor for me; I just went ahead and asked her out.”
    She paused, gave me an odd look, replied no, and shut the door behind me, leaving me despondent in the street. On Monday, I went to school and was greeted with a barrage of laughter. It turned out that I’d tried to ask her out while her grandparents were standing outside the door, and they weren’t impressed with some scruffy 9-year-old in strange clothes knocking on the door at 0800 to invite their devoutly Catholic granddaughter out on a date. We didn’t speak to each other after that. It was brought up again in school.

  10. Wasn’t even a straight up rejection. It was a slow fade to irrelevance by the person and people around them only because they see you as someone below their status.


    I had a thing for a classmate of mine in college. The prettiest and most elegant specimen in the building vs me, a nerdy thin young person who drinks with friends and plays computer games. We talked thru a friend who introduced me to her and at first it was great, so great that in mere days we were talking comfortably non stop, I did not even have to wait hours for her to reply to my messages. We would say hi to each other as we pass by each other at school, she would always smile with radiance at my lowly self and it would make my day hence, I always make sure to cross paths with her each morning. Her friends tend to look at me with disgust because they thought I was not good enough for her immaculate beauty (not a lot of confidence on my side back then, always needed a haircut and some grooming).

    Few months passed and I decided to ask her out. I was met with a resounding YES, under one condition, that is I should go to their house a few hours before to meet her mom and have a little chat (interview) beforehand (I was informed of this previously by our common friends that her mom always does this with new people) also, that her little brother would join us as chaperone. I gladly accepted and brought my best self that day.

    When I got to their address, I was shocked to see where she lived. It was a huge house and it screamed “RICH”. I felt intimidated already because I did not come from a wealthy family but I still pushed through, I liked her that much back then. So when I got inside, her mom joyfully welcomed me on their mansion of a house. She then started to ask me several questions as my date finished up getting ready. Questions were like: Where do I live? What do my parents do? How many siblings I have? What were my plans after college? I answered truthfully knowing that she might not like what my background and social status was. My date even came out one time and told her mom that I was one of the top students of our batch (I was not), just to impress her mom. After a few questions she let us go out.


    Typical date, we went to the mall, eat ice cream, went to the arcade, etc. That time I really saw her enthusiasm in doing things with me, and I knew she was really into me. I spent all of my savings from my allowances just for this date, in order to make it as fancy as she deserves. It was a success.


    But then, on the following months I started to notice that she replies a bit slower and less frequently as before. She started saying she was busy and had lots of things etc. I understood and because we were graduating we should be busy that time. Less and less of her I got to see and until graduation, the last interaction of us were having a picture together and that was it. I went to med school and she went to New Zealand to pursue further studies and work. Never heard from her since, saw her in IG and FB sometimes and she was having the time of her life, she had a boyfriend there and was living the high life.


    Fast forward to today, I am a doctor, she finished her masters at NZ and worked back here in our country but then eventually quit her job to join beauty pageants (she was that beautiful, and still is). One thing I concluded was I did not meet her family’s standards when it comes to social status and wealth. They were at the top and I was near the bottom. I just accepted it back then and got over it after a few months asking myself what is wrong? Did I do something bad? Was I not good enough for her? Did her family not like me? Did they see me as a threat? Those days getting less and less of her was very painful and the sudden realization that I was never in her league was a big punch on the gut after a slow, painful decay.


    TL;DR – I got rejected because the girl was rich and I was not. No confrontation, just a slow and painful disappearance in their world.

  11. Got rejected from a job as an RA when literally everyone else was accepted. I asked why and it’s because when they asked about something I had overcome, I had said that I used to have difficulty interacting with parents until I worked two public facing roles, and now was super confident. They decided that meant I was too shy for the role. They never even READ my resume. Super unprofessional.

  12. I’d had a crush on this guy for a long time, and my friend persuaded me to ask him out. So I did, and as I predicted, he said no. And the next day, my buddy asked him out, and he said yes, despite the fact that they had only broken up four years before. So not only was I rejected, but I also had to watch my buddy and him fall in love, which was painful at first.

  13. I was doing my masters degree in art history and my professor straight up said the first draft of my essay was dumb.

    In retrospect, yeah, maybe it wasn’t great at the time. But I was nowhere near finished and some actual constructive criticism would have helped. (That was his job as a teacher, technically).

    At the time I was dealing with unmedicated depression and ended up dropping out.

    My bachelors’ paper he loved though, and I wrote that while mildly psychotic. Either way, it would be nice if college professors cared about their students’ mental health. Like, maybe recommend you see a therapist when you hand in 30 pages about wanting to be killed by God.

  14. When I was around 27, I was living it up in Prague like a fresh faced 18 year old.

    Me and a mate of mine went out one night and played a game we called “cock commander”. This is where you would pick a girl at the club and your friend will tell you what your opening line has to be. You can then continue the conversation however you want, but you can’t ever tell them you were told to say what you said. When you inevitably fail, you alternate players.

    Only rule was that you couldn’t say something hurtful or rude, the idea was to have a laugh, not bring people down. Usually the lines were self-deprecating or just silly – very rarely were they even close to approaching suave. It was a great way to get used to rejection.

    About an hour and 40 polite refusals to my advances later, it was my turn again. I picked this girl standing against a wall. I can’t even remember what my mate told me to say, but it turns out it wouldn’t matter.

    I approach the girl. As I’m about 2 meters away, she turns and looks at me. Just as I begin to smile and wave at her, she looks me up and down, scrunches up her nose and audibly exclaims “UGH”.

    Then, as if perfectly choreographed ahead of time, some other guy walks up to her and they just start heavily making out.

    It all happened so quickly that I hadn’t stopped walking, so now I’m maybe a meter away, awkwardly just staring at these two making out.

    I didn’t want to be rude, so I was like “Ok cool. Cool cool. I’ll be off. You two have fun!”

    There was no response. To be fair, they were pretty busy.

    Ah man, good times.

  15. Everyone I knew egged me on into confessing my feelings to him on the last day of high school, he said he fine with it, I apologised later on discord and he said it was alright, he then proceeded to message me first on a few occasions and talk to me, I spoke to him on graduation night and everyone I knew continued to egg me on and he was happy and fine with it…. I leave the graduation and he texts me telling me he was seeing someone.

    He led me on for over a month and everyone I knew, knew he was seeing someone. I immediately left all discord groups associated with the school and his gf sends a discord invite to a group with all his friends and my old “friends” to which I opened saw that everyone I hate was in it and left immediately. The one person I still talked to sent me a screenshot of the server where the guy wrote “yay I’m happy ***** is hear” and then “oh why did she leave doesn’t she like us anymore” and apparently he went dark on the server for months.

    He was the only guy I didn’t see my sexual and physically abuser in and my friends knew that, yet they let it happen.

  16. The ghost. Tell me it’s over. I don’t need a reason. I’m a grown up and will delete your contact info and move on with my life. Just don’t leave me spinning in circles for a week wondering what’s going on.

  17. When u get rejected but she doesn’t tell you verbally and continues to let you look more creepy every time u talk to her.

    My family never taught me how to talk to women and so the first time I tried getting an attractive girls number she wouldn’t say no or anything, even if I asked to hang out she’d just say she’s busy so I kept saying alright next week. Over, and over, and over.

    But I was young so.. oh well. It happens I guess.

  18. One week into the relationship we were gonna have sex. I went a little overboard setting out rose petals, candles, music and champagne in the corner. She thought I was a serial killer and we ended it

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