What’s the most painful thing you’ve went through? (Serious)

What’s the most painful thing you’ve went through? (Serious)

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  1. Had a heart attack. Had kidney stones, hip replaced. Had a long line tube put in my foot up my leg and then whipped out like the doctor was practicing the tablecloth trick.

  2. I ate one whole [Trinidad Mourga Scorpion](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinidad_Moruga_scorpion), which was described to me as a “scorpion death pepper” at the time.

    It wasn’t simply hot. My incinerated taste buds were just the beginning. Once it entered my stomach, things got much, *much* worse.

    First, it gave me heartburn that almost certainly caused an ulcer.

    Then, it slowly moved into, and even more slowly *through* my intestines.

    I felt it go through every inch of my guts. It took hours, all of which I spent between a bathtub and a toilet. The warm water in the tub helped with the pain in my innards, but every twenty or thirty minutes I had to run to the toilet to evacuate. The pepper is just as hot coming out as it is going in.

    Several times I pondered going to the emergency room through the night, but I could not possibly have made it there. By the end I could only get to the toilet on all fours.

    Finally, at about seven in the morning, still sweating like a racehorse, I realized the last of it had passed. My gut was still cramping and twisting, but the pepper was gone.

    I have been in more than my fair share of car and bike accidents, cracked ribs, needed staples in my scalp, and gotten whiplash. Nothing was more painful than that chile.

  3. Perirectal abcess. It’s an infection of the anal gland, right next to your asshole, causing major swelling. It gives an intense, stabbing pain any time I’d stand or sit down, and I’d walk about half the speed I normally would.

  4. A truck ran me over once, crushing my leg and fracturing my pelvis. I was in agony, squirming around deliriously on the pavement and screaming bloody murder. It really sucked. The morphine they gave me for the pain was fuckin’ amazing though, holy shit. At least that part was pretty fun.

  5. Physically? Kidney stones.
    Emotionally? The death of my son (though a close second was the death if my father). Both of them died was too young (son was 23, father was 32).

  6. Infected tooth that I carelessly didn’t take care. Between having period cramps and tooth pain I’ll gladly take cramps. Please take care of your teeth!

  7. Was at the dentist. As they’re putting anesthesia needle to an area that is inflammated the needle pierced through my nerve. I grabbed the needle myself, pulled it out and ran out screaming in pain. Was in pain for like 2 days and then I was okay.

  8. Cluster headaches. They’re basically major shots of pain on one side of the head and they’re excruciatingly painful. Sort of pain I’d imagine you’d feel if you set the nerves beneath your skin on fire. Worst part is, they’ll occur multiple times a day for maybe a week or so when you have an attack and then subside for months only to then return again for another week/two weeks of constant headaches.

  9. My dog passing away. I know it probably pales in comparison to a lot of other people’s pain, but I loved him so much. Its been over 3 years, and I still think about my dog quite a bit, and I still cry when I see old pictures or videos of him. I even get sad when I see the same breed.

  10. Stabbed twice in the pancreas, shot twice (shoulder and side breaking a few ribs), 3 or 4 bike accidents dislocated knee,shoulder hip. Kidney stones on a few occasions, broken hands from fights, broken orbital bone several broken noses, about 12 surgeries to put me back together and sew me up and the physical therapy on the other side of surgery, broken jaw in 3 places resulting in titanium plates and screws, several other plates, screws and hardware. It’s been a fun life though lol

  11. Most people on this are talking about physical pain, but I’m too scared that I’ll be found hurting myself and I play it so safe. Depression was painful tho.

  12. Physically, I accidentally dropped a 10 pound weight on my big toe when I was 9.

    Emotionally, 4 of my family members have died and I went to their funerals. Granny (Mom’s mother) died in 2019, Granny’s sister and her father died in 2020, and this year my other grandmother (Dad’s mom) died.

  13. Spinal Tap.

    Told me the numbing shots would be the worst part and feel like a bee sting. No no no. It was beyond painful and they had to do it 6 times, even the last one felt painful even though I should’ve been numbed. It felt just like a shoulder shot, but somehow sharper and in a more sensitive area. The tap itself wasn’t *painful* per se, but I felt the needle in there and it was beyond discomforting and it felt like it was pushing my insides out.

    Kicker? Results yielded nothing and I still have no diagnosis for my symptoms :,)

  14. Everyone at work blaming me for things that are not my fault. It really hurts when people you look up to constantly shame you when you work long hours. Psychologically destroyed me

  15. Ruptured my L5/S1 disk. Couldn’t stand up long enough to use a urinal. Sitting wasn’t any better.

    No pain meds, including narcotics, helped.

    The inside of my left leg, is still numb, 4 yrs later. And coworkers accuse me of being drunk, because I stumble

  16. Me and my friend was playing and my father came up to me and invite me to hunting birds and I was excited so I said yes since we rarely have father and son moment. My father also invited my friend and I nod (naively) excitedly so we hop in to his motor cycle and along the way my father talked about different kind of birds and my friend who was somewhat a wild kid who had knowledge about that kind of thing also talked, leaving me quiet and left out. In a far away distance my father spotted a rare bird and he stopped the bike to check since his rifle had a scope we hid behind the motorcycle and my friend talked to me about something idk what was it since i forgot the topic and we were looking at the direction of the bird and it flew away and my father who was angry blamed me for it and it was that time something died inside of me. That was still in my childhood days and in high school it makes me cry and really depressed. So, whenever my dad would try to have a father and son to me I would get awkward and sometimes he feels like a stranger

  17. Fell and dislocated my left elbow by hyperextending it. So imagine straightening your arm, then keep going until everything lets go. Most pain I have ever experienced.

  18. Bullying.

    Being rejected and/or taken as a fool, having no one that wants to be at your side, being basically locked at a corner of the classroom or a party, being ghosted by a girl just after they gave you hope (just for fun). Everyone being disrespectful, rude and mean towards you and many other things that other bullying victims would relate to.

  19. Physically- I was skating and sent it down a ramp. Bord slid out from under me and I fell slaming my head into the ground. No head gear. Had a massive concussion and an even massiveer headache for like 4 days straight. My vision was blury for like 3 hours after I hit my head.

    Emotinaly- found out my girlfriend of 3 years was sleeping with my best frend of 5 years. For the past few months.

  20. Having gallstones and pancreatitis at the same time. The gallstone got stuck in my bile duct and caused the complication. The pain was unreal – I remember vomiting and trying not to breathe or move laying on the floor. It completely adjusted my pain scale.

  21. I had just gotten over being the sickest I’ve ever felt and if that wasn’t enough when I felt better I had such a bar stomach ache that lasted for about 4 days I thought I had appendicitis went to see doc and all they face me was some pepto tablets that I went through in about an hour I was hunched over at a 90 degree angel whenever I was out of bed always felt like I needed to poop but either couldn’t or it would like like coffee grounds in the toilet

  22. Painful physical? COVID probably. I felt like I was on the verge of death for several weeks. Headaches that made me want to bash my brains out and just end it. Tooth pain that made me question if there were a God or not and whether i should be praying. Then for months afterwards my throat was so sore and raw even liquids were painful to swallow. Like i’ve had my finger split open to the bone about 2 inches long, and it was nowhere near the pain of Covid. The intensity was worse I guess with my thumb, but the duration of Covid and fear of death was probably what puts it at the top.

    Emotional pain? Either when my Mom was drunk and telling me how much of a mistake I was and how I’ve ruined her life or when my first dog passed away on my birthday while I was out partying. He had vomited several times around the house, all in spots where I usually am like outside my room, the bathroom, and the couch I’m usually on with my laptop. He was looking for me 🙁 I knew he was sick but not that sick. Killed me when I got the news the next morning.

  23. Physically: 4.1mm kidney stone. I have never felt anything that can compare to that hell, and I get constant mouth and jaw pain due to lingering dental trauma.

    Emotionally: watching mom gradually fade when her cancer had spread to her brain, she always remembered me thankfully, I don’t know if I could have handled her not remembering me.

  24. Girlfriend left me for an abusive drunk shortly before I was gonna propose, my hips locked up and never healed, I drank myself into pancreatitis and hoped it took me, I survived and then my job was automated out of existence, so I moved north to help my parents run their business and one of their stores took a shit and now I’m running it poorly.

    I haven’t had a real vacation in years, I work 70 hours six days a week, I’m on crutches just so I don’t throw my back out, and I’m at any moment threatened by a pancreatic attack.

    People wonder why I’m bitter.

  25. 3 days after an abdominal surgery, not laproscopic, the old fashioned “open you up and gut you like a fish, leaves you with a foot long scar” kind. I’m stapled shut, wrapped up, and haven’t pooped in 3 days (opioid induced constipation). Finally the laxative works, it hurts, it hurts so much I get nauseous, I get so nauseous I throw up. Throwing up causes involuntary muscle spasms in muscles that have recently undergone some severe trauma.

    Not fun.

  26. I’ve been shot, stabbed, had to pull three teeth without painkillers, burned over 20% of my body and had to scrape the burns with a dull knife, but the worst was passing a 9mm kidney stone. They gave me so much morphine I passed out. The nurse told me I was still crying in my sleep. I would choose any of those rather than passing that stone again . For comparison, my wife gave natural childbirth 3 times without an epidural but passed out from the pain of a kidney stone.

  27. At age 31: Multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. Cause unknown, suspected from e-cigarettes. Both lungs collapsed: left 100%, right 75%. Stretched my diaphragm up into my sternum which felt like I had been eviscerated with a meat hook. Was administered emergency fast-acting blood thinners with injections into my abdomen.

  28. I’ve dislocated both shoulders, hips, fibulas, ribs, my jaw, and my right collarbone, I’ve also partially dislocated a vertebra (L2), I’ve got to say the one experience I do not want again is when I had a plate, 6 screws, and cadaver tissue added to my leg. The amount of pain I felt when I woke up was immense and I don’t remember getting home. Will not be doing that again.

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