What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve ever heard in the service industry?

What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve ever heard in the service industry?

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  1. I work as security at an exotic dancer bar on the weekends for extra cash. We had a woman come in and request we tell the dancers to get off stage because she didn’t think they looked good enough. Wanted us to get different ones right then.

  2. Summers in college I worked at several large restaurants in Ocean City and people would complain about the wait or ask for a free drink while they wait. I mean it’s Saturday night in the middle of summer and 95% of guests are staying at a hotel with no way to cook. I’m not going to apologize to you or comp you anything because we run a good restaurant and people want to eat here.

  3. Every year, couple weeks before Christmas, my restaurant closes a couple hours early (7 instead of 10, and it’s usually on a Wednesday, so its not besrly as busy) so all the employees can get together and have a small holiday party. We had a sign up in our door two weeks before the party, letting everyone know we were closing early. As this was the year after covid, and we didn’t get to have a party the previous year, we were really excited and ready for it. At about 8’oclock, a woman comes to the door, sees its locked, and goes ballistic. She man-handles the door and starts slamming her fist against it. She ignored all my co-workers who were shaking their heads. Finally I go over and unlock the door to talk to her. She just starts screaming about how were not supposed to be closed, etc, etc and I’m just shaking my head pointing at the sign. She finishs with “you people don’t even deserve to have a party.” And with that I just smiled and said “well now we’re definitely not helping you, goodnight.” And closed the door.

    2 days later I get a call from the owner of the restaurant, saying she actually filed a real complaint about it. We had a great laugh

  4. I used to work for a chain of grocery stores that had a promotion every year where they’d give you a free turkey if you spent a certain amount there during the month of November. I walked past a woman yelling at a cashier because the store lowered the amount you needed to spend in the middle of the promotion.

  5. When I was working as a cashier for a fast food place, a woman came to me complaining her fries were cold, as if that was an unexpected outcome after she ordered the basket, set it on her table, and then proceeded to talk on the phone for 30 minutes without eating a single fry.

    I still had to give her a fresh basket of fries for free.

  6. Not me but an artist I saw on twitter.

    A guy bought a drawing from her. Years later, the dude came back saying he wanted a new drawing for free since he already bought a drawing once. He said that the artist got better during those years, and the old one looked shitty now.
    Obviously the artist refused and the guy went crazy mad.

  7. This isnt too horrible compared to some.

    But I used to work at one of those fast oil change shops for cars, very oriented around good customer service.

    A big burly guy with a big diesel truck came in. He asked the guy downstairs to tighten his oil filter by hand, and not use the tool (Bad idea on big trucks) and the guy said back “I cant. Thats against the policy”

    The guy FREAKED out and started screaming “I dont give a fuck about your policy” then started threatening to go downstairs and break the guys neck.

    Yeah dude…come storming downstairs to fight dudes that could arm themselves with wrenches and tools that could crack your skull with one swing.

  8. People coming into the pharmacy like 5 days after we would fill their painkiller prescriptions, saying they “lost them” trying to get us to just give them more.

    They would threaten to call our bosses to say we were uncooperative. I get addiction is a problem but this used to seriously piss us off. It would create such a scene.

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