What’s the most toxic subreddit that HAS NOT been already quarantined?

What’s the most toxic subreddit that HAS NOT been already quarantined?

What do you think?

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  1. /r/conspiracy is just *batshit* insane. More so now than ever before.

    And that’s saying something. It’s long been a bastion for the stupidest people currently alive.

  2. /r/unpopularopinion

    I want that subreddit banned because all the opinions are samey, circlejerked, snowflakey reddit garbage. They all complain about being oppressed, well fuck I *want them to be oppressed!*

    And then just ban all of reddit, tbh.

  3. It has to be cringetopia. I think some of the posts catch things that are universally cringe like Karen’s freaking out or truly lewd spectacles in public.

    But so much of their stuff is outright bigotry, usually touted as anti-wokeism, it’s a shitty place.

  4. I don’t believe in ‘quarantaining’ or banning any subreddits, unless they violate the law. But if a sub merely consists of stuff that people find personally offensive or unseemly (r/rapekink), or if they simply hold unpopular views or perspectives that are different from the mainstream (r/russia), I don’t think they should be cornered off or taken down (e.g. under the false pretense of ‘misinformation’). You don’t like a particular sub? Don’t visit it! But let others choose for themselves what they want to do. Life’s easy that way.

  5. Who gives a fuck. Let them do what they want. If you want freedom it can’t just be on your terms. Thats not a freedom of political ideals at all. In fact its the opposite. So shut up.

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