What’s the one fetish you’re ok with kinkshaming?

What’s the one fetish you’re ok with kinkshaming?

What do you think?

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  1. anything that has to do with poop. i gag just at the thought of it and i can’t understand how some people get turned on by shitting or getting shitted on

  2. If someone’s fetish is being kinkshamed, I’ll kinkshame them. Other than that, maybe ageplaying as a baby when the other is still acting grown?

  3. Bughunting/Giftgiving. The fetishization of spreading STDs on purpose, most prominently HIV.

    Fucking hell, that’s worse than Scat. At least with poop stuff I can pretend it’s not a thing if it’s not in front of me.

  4. (Completely excluding everything fictional)
    Anything underage.
    Also anything without consent (actual no consent, not acted no consent) or permanent damage. (Of course counts animal abuse)
    I’m fine with pretty much everything else, even… smelly things and animal suit stuff.
    If it’s fictional with no translation to real life I’m fine.

  5. Controversial, here we go: I’m not into shit, but if two people are into shit and they both have their Hep B shots, then idgaf if they want to play in it.

    If your kink is literally harming someone (cutting, crushing, choking to the point of passing out, intentional spreading of STDs, etc), I am VERY not cool with that.

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