What’s the reason for elves and mermaids being overly sexualised?

What’s the reason for elves and mermaids being overly sexualised?

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  1. Elves and mermaids were originally designed with the idea of elegance and mystical appearances. Elegance is an attractive trait so they are seen as beautiful. Beautiful is eventually seen as sexy therefore elves and mermaids aren’t just seen as elegant but as beautiful and sexy. Now people seem to slowly gravitate towards remembering sexy so eventually after one artist after another does their take on those mystical creatures you eventually end up with big tiddie elves who are now just glorified eye candy with no real practical ability and mermaids as useless hot bimbos who sit around and playfully splash around in the water with no real life purpose. It’s a lot like the idea of carcinization where things that aren’t crabs will eventually evolve into being more like a crab. All things elegant or beautiful will always evolve into something sexy and then over sexualized.

  2. In fairness, elves, or “the white ones” (=spirits?), were nature beings in germanic folklore and were often considered fairly sexual, sometimes stealing people away. Mermaids became conflated with selkies and the sirens, and became known to lure men to their death.

    But the main reason is because sex sells, and fantasy franchises like to sell out to their horny, young audience.

  3. Tolkien essentially invented the elves as you describe, your archetypal fantasy “high elf”. They are supposed to be basically third tier angels, still very closely related to Eru Illuvitar, or Tolkiens version of God. So to mortals, they appear as incredibly beautiful beings. It makes sense that you’d want to bang the incredibly beautiful being that’s shaped just like you but better, yeah? As for mermaids, that legend is tied closely to the legend of the sirens, who were supposed to be incredibly alluring. So the idea that they were supposed to be physically attractive just kind of bled over into everything.

  4. Because it’s a fantasy about what human could do if they were better. You’re not going to imagine yourself being able to climg tree only to find all you peers are ugly !

  5. The creators aren’t making elves or mermaids, they are making sexy.

    Anything sexy will sell. Sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy witch, sexy bunnygirl. You get the point.

  6. Mermaids are supposed to be Honey Traps in their early versions. A beautiful trap to lure sailors to their doom. What better way to do that than look like a beautiful woman who is “drowning” in the ocean for a brave sailor to jump overboard and try to save.

    That said with modern mermaids being actual sentient people rather than just a random sea hazard they really do need more or a redesign. If they really live in the deep ocean a way to survive the cold and crushing depths would be needed. A thick layer of blubber would work along with a strengthened skeletal structure and muscle mass would work

  7. Because the idyllic nature of those being is something that attracts us to them. The wisdom and intelligence of the elves can be a stereotype that attracts a Sapio file, And the setting of mermaids in waters near tropical settings Excites the fantasy of sex in paradise, and when you perhaps introduce any sort of nympho-maniacal quality to one of those characters, it further adds to the allure of the race.

    It comes off as trying too hard when you use humans, it has an unclean quality when you use orcs without displaying an act of sanitation, it comes off as a very obscure fetish when you use dwarves or halflings, and because the majority of people who are into sex sadly don’t have any pallet for fetishes, it doesn’t work with any other species because it would essentially explore those fetishes in more visual depth

    Also I wouldn’t say the same about mermaids, but if you depict elves like Christmas elves who are child like in their immortality, that’s literally pedophilia

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