What’s the scariest place you’ve ever been to? [Serious]

What’s the scariest place you’ve ever been to? [Serious]

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  1. the psych ward. i have severe emetophobia, and was there being treated for anorexia. there were a lot of bulimics there, and since bathrooms were locked, they’d just puke all over the floor. genuinely traumatizing.

  2. I’ve been waiting for a thread like this. My best friend and I lived together for two years and would often go for drives at night. Post midnight. Not to anywhere in particular, until we discovered what we have only ever referred to as “the scary place”. We kept going back out of morbid curiosity if nothing else.

    It’s a seemingly standard business park, but there’s something really off about it.

    It consists of chemical, AI, aerospace companies. Some of the buildings were completely unmarked and seemed totally empty but would have random lights on. We went there once, 1am maybe, and a car came out of absolutely nowhere and tailgated us until we left. Another time, we happened across a van, parked with the lights on. The driver did not take his eyes off of us until we were gone. That same night as we drove home feeling somewhat uneasy, not 5 minutes away from the scary place was a car, parked at a bus stop with two men in suits, who both stared us down too until we were out of sight. Once my friend was driving back home and was followed almost all the way by a security vehicle that turned out of there as she drove past. Another thing I thought odd though maybe not related, is that it’s directly next to an equally strange housing estate. The roads don’t match google maps. We got lost trying to get out of there on multiple occasions.

    Still makes me uneasy to think about.

  3. Went to an abandoned building for shits and giggles with a bunch of my friends, found a circle made of sticks with a deer skull in the middle, safe to say we never returned

  4. Got the wrong directions to a ex girlfriends family thanksgiving dinner a few years back. The owners looked like they were about to shoot me for trespassing. When I got to the right house I explained the experience and her dad winched and said “Im surprised they didn’t shoot you, those guys are inbred hill billys and they’re always making homemade bombs and shit and causing all sorts of trouble”

  5. When I went with speleologists and I had to go through crawlways (those are the reason I am not a speleologist).

    Apart from that, an abandoned mine, giant sloped chambers with pillars. But it was scary because my friend forgot the rope in his car and said the 80m of 70 degree slope is totally ok without it, holding some rusty pipes that went through the shaft was safe enough. After I convinced him to go back to the car for the rope, it wasn’t that scary tho.

    Also there was a mine, which had insufficient levels of oxygen after, like, 3km of walk from the portal, but we had a detector and the tunnel was all covered with gypsum aggregates in the end part, so it didn’t look much scary.

  6. I tried to visit an abandon mine back in 2014, I can’t remember what it was called. After discussion with people around we went inside and spent about 5 hours in an abandoned mine.

  7. IC ward 2 times, should’ve been 3 as sever manic bipolar turns into full blown psychosis. Keep in mind during this story, my thoughts are racing and jumping around from second to second, to give some of those examples, feeling like time wasn’t a thing anymore, I’m being probed by sentient beings and researched on, I am literally god and how I am impacted effects the universe, I’m being kidnapped by the government while my family is being tortured at home, I have super powers, I have been selected my the Illuminati for many different reasons to be tested, etc etc bat shit crazy bizarre stuff popping into my head and actually believing it to be true. Also keep in mind that my emotions are all over the fucking wall, down to milliseconds I could literally be balling my eyes out because of some weird imagination, or sad memory, to happy as fuck and confident as hell because I remembered something else, to scared shit-less because I heard a noise I didn’t like and got disturbed. but, while all this is happening, the endorphins flooding my brain are so strong that its all the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever experienced, the only people in this world who could understand such a thing are drug users, but I’m not sure to what extent they can actually understand what I went through, or other psychological gifted individuals have or may be experiencing.

    While something like this is happening, the psych ward literally can not do anything for you except try to get you to take your medication, and monitor you until you come out of it. At the worst, they put me in my individual room, and I was so paranoid and fed up, I got up and started roaming the halls. confused, anxious, scared, lonely, thinking I was in a psychological experimenting prison, I started freaking out at the hospital staff yelling things like “what the fuck did you plant in my head, where the fuck am I, Where is my family, I want to go home!” throwing shit around, at this moment, I actually believed that I may also have been in a coma IRL experiencing some sort of trauma, and started getting some very disturbing ideas of the reality I was living in wasn’t real and the things I could do without consequence. THANK GOD I had the discipline and restraint to not do anything sever like attack anyone, or much worse…

    during this event, I was snuck up on by 6 hospital security, 4 of them grabbed a limb, lifted me up and two of them got in the middle of middle and they(with very much power and restraint) brought me to what common population knows as a padded room, the pinned me to the ground while I spoke absolute utter nonsense bullshit. In this moment I spoke out loud something along the lines of, ‘please let me go you’re hurting me’, then remembering that I might be god, ‘if god was one of us, the world would be impacted according to how he was treated’, and then I literally just got really pissed flexing every muscle in my body until I was shaking, hoping that it would cause floods and earthquakes and shit, the look on the doctors faces was something that I’ll never forget, I literally can’t describe the fear and concern that was on their face. Shortly after this they gave me a nice big needle in my butt and I got the best night sleep I’ve ever had in the past 2 weeks that this was all happening. Unfortunately, it still took me another week of this stuff to even be stable enough to come home.

    TDLR; Mental Health story relating to Bipolar/Psychosis.
    Scary shit, mental health is real, I’m doing well and I Impel anyone struggling with mental health to message me for someone to talk to about it, you’re not a lone, you can live a productive healthy life, there is support for you please seek that support.

  8. Sounds weird, but this pub I went to when I was little. It had that weird, old fashioned red carpet and I was going to the toilet when I got spooked.

    That place was 100% haunted. There was a hallway leading to the toilet, the light was flickery and I felt a presence behind me the whole time I walked down that hallway. I felt this horrible feeling of dread, goosebumps, and this strange kind of coldness (the rest of the place was lovely and warm). I’ll never forget it, thank god I was going to the toilet!

  9. An abandoned bank vault.

    10-15 years ago we were boozin and hanging out when we decided to explore the out-of-business bank up the street.

    When we entered the vault we immediately lost cell phone service and the thought of being stuck in there with no one knowing our whereabouts was frightening.

  10. I’ll start, I stayed in a very old church for a week on a trip. Not only were there rumors it was haunted, but we got broken into while we were there.

  11. There’s an old peice of land near to us used to have a mansion on it surrounded by old woods still have a statue, bathing pool and some garden bits , steps, a pond and lake and foundations of mansion including two out buildings one was a ice House they are still pulling debris out of and exploring the other was a storage place it goes back to lord knows when it is very old supposedly haunted by two ghosts one of which was the familys son who drowned in the lake.

    It is protected by the council and wildlife agency’s but you can walk around it regularly the castle also stands but has been made into private houses.

    Usually me and my boyfriend go in the day but we went one time in the night as there are alot of woodland creatures and owls there’s no lights so you have to take torches at night.

    Nothing too bad but we noped out of there fast it was just too creepy such a bad vibe and we felt really unsafe never gone again at night which is a shame as it would be good to spot the owls.

  12. My grandmother’s house. When I was in my teens my parents divorced, father took off, house was foreclosed, it was an ugly situation that left me without at place to stay and unable to afford an apartment on my low paying job.

    My grandmother was living with my great grandmother to care for her so she offered to let me stay in her house since no one was living there. It was an old two story house built in the early 1800s on a small plot of land near the center of a small rural new England village.

    My father and uncles grew up in the house and had stories of weird events, like waking up to an old lady sitting on the edge of the bed while they were unable to move, or their bed shaking violently at night. They had stories of footsteps running up the stairs, or giggling like noises coming from the attic. It always creeped me out as a child when visiting, especially since there was a tombstone buried in the woods behind her house. It just had the name Joseph on it, with no dates or other info. When I asked my grandmother about it she would always just dismiss it as some kids probably stole it from a gravestone maker and tossed it in the back yard. It had always been there since she bought the house in the late 50s

    Back to me living there by myself as a teenager, I had several weird experiences in that time. There were often cold spots in the house. I’d tell my self it was a draft due to being an old house, but these cold spots would seem to move around the house. Like you’d be walking through the kitchen and suddenly feel like the temperature dropped twenty degrees in for a few feet, then right back to normal. Or you’d be sitting in the living room and feel a cold wash over you, then pass. Not like a breeze, just a moving pocket of cold.

    There would also be these weird smells. Just a sudden whiff of death. If you’ve ever smelled that dead animal smell you know what I mean. There was never a source, and it wouldnt linger. Just a strong smell of decay then it would be gone. And no, this house didn’t have gas lines. The furnace used heating oil, and the stove was electric.

    There was often unexplained foot steps at night and the sound of someone talking out in the back yard. Nothing intelligible, just the muffled sounds of a man and woman talking yet it would stop as soon as I’d approach the window facing the back yard.

    One night I opened my eyes and there was a intensely bright light shining through my second story bedroom window. It was like a spotlight from a helicopter, but no sound, just extremely bright light. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again it was gone.

    The worse experience was what I can only explain as sleep paralysis, though it was so different than my normal episodes. I was half asleep laying on my stomach. I heard the creak of my bedroom door open, then suddenly felt someone jump on my back, and pin me face down. I could feel their hands on my wrist and their breath in my ear. I was paralyzed and tried to scream but couldn’t get a noise out. I tried to move with all of my might and snapped out of it. I was alone laying in bed face down shaking in fear.

    Now obviously this could be explained as textbook sleep paralysis and I agree, but it just seemed so similar to the experiences my father and uncle told me about from when they were kids in that house.

    Eventually I moved into a place with some friends, and my grandmother eventually sold the house when her mother passed away, and she moved into her house. I often wonder if the current owners have any weird stories from living there.

  13. Edwin Shaw Memorial Hospital. It’s an abandoned hospital in Akron, Ohio. In the early 1900’s, it was a home for people who contracted tuberculosis. There is a huge graveyard there filled with people of all ages. I saw a really terrifying looking statue of an angel holding its hands out over the graves of multiple infants.

    We went into the buildings, and it looked like it was straight out of a horror movie/zombie apocalypse. In one of the buildings, we found a trail of blood that led to the basement. A genuinely creepy place.

  14. So this is a silly one, but…

    The inside of an illusion box.

    My husband and I were stage magicians about ten years ago. I was learning a new illusion, and it required getting into a *very* small, complete solid darkness box. This box was about the size of two milk crates put together.

    And I was not warned ahead of time that the box was going to be closed and *sat on* for an extended period of time while the illusion was choreographed.

    Legit screaming. Complete and utter panic, felt like I was going to die. I practically fell onto the stage in a heap as I climbed out. Everyone was like “not sure why you’re freaking out, it’s not like we couldn’t immediately get you out….” Okay, well I was in there screaming in terror for like a solid 30 seconds before anyone let me out, so….

  15. i’ve stayed in multiple haunted hotels and there was a psychic who supposedly talked to spirits and it was creepy. we were doing a little thing and i was talking to someone i loved who passed away and then a spirit from the hotel butted in and started showing us how she died. she was choking and it felt so draining. (idk if you believe in that stuff but i found it scary)

  16. I went cave exploring with my uncle and sister and the flashlights all died and we had to sit and wait for another group of people to randomly find us. It scared the shit out of me

  17. My head, when I had a psychosis. It knows exactly what I fear the most and is able to project it into reality. At night, I’d see shadows dancing. In the morning, I saw spiders all over my walls. I believed people were out to kill me. I was basically living on adrenaline for 3 days straight. It was by far the most horrifying thing I experienced. I actually got really scared when I saw an ad about a scary augmented reality game. It triggered me. Because there was a time I lived it.

  18. Bad section of North Las Vegas, middle of the night waiting for a bus. It was MLK Blvd and some other intersection. I watched gangs across the street buying beers, stayed in a dark part by the bus stop to keep out of sight. I was well dressed, and nothing to defend myself with. A guy asking for change even told me to get the hell out of there. Bus arrived 10 min later.

    Kicker was I was in the car with my Uncle prior, we had been visiting family. He refused to drop me at my hotel which was by Fremont st. He was having some issues after losing his wife. I never held it against him though.

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