What’s the simplest reason you’ve ever quit a job?

What’s the simplest reason you’ve ever quit a job?

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  1. Worked at Baskin-Robbins as a teen and was told to clean and inventory the deep-freezer in shorts and a t-shirt. The store was supposed to have cold weather gear for it but didn’t.

    I think it was -30F in there? Cold enough to freeze the ink in the pen I was using after about 30 seconds. I made it through two of the three stock shelves before I took off my employee shirt, handed it to the manager, and walked home half-naked.

    Was it the *only* reason I quit? No, but it was the final straw.

  2. The transit time was already too long, and the constant traffic jams just made it worse.

    With the rising gas prices, i could no longer remain at a neutral cash flow.

  3. It’s maybe not simple per se, but I have social anxiety. I didn’t know at the time this was what it was though and outside of working for my parents in construction I never lasted more than 3 months at any job I ever had.

  4. Overheard the hiring manager talking to the owner about someone who had just come in for an interview, didn’t talk about her qualifications, just her weight and whether she was white or not. Fucking quit that place, that was enough

  5. The manager threw a head of lettuce at one of the waitresses. She actually knew what she was doing, and was training me. I was totally clueless and terrible at waiting tables. I knew it was only a matter of time.

  6. New manager scheduled me on a day I explicitly stated I couldn’t work, then called me EIGHT TIMES when I didn’t come in.

    Didn’t even quit, just stopped showing up after that.

  7. I was told I had to work an extra 2 hours unpaid to clean up during the night . I quit within one week of working. Fuck Which Which sandwiches.

  8. 2 of the 3 brothers (owners) demanded to be called Mr.
    One of them wanted me to drop everything to refund a .90c doughnut purchase from petty cash (under entertainment expenses) I lasted 4 hours.

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