What’s the strangest event in history?

What’s the strangest event in history?

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  1. The Taiping Rebellion

    guy in China has a breakdown after constantly failing local law entrance exams, reads a Christian book and arrives at the conclusion that he is Jesus’s younger brother….

    eventually he erects a “heavenly kingdom” and a giant army and sets out to overthrow the Qing Dynasty…

    Over 20 million people die in a war/Rebellion that lasts 14 years. and those aren’t a 10th of the “weird” details surrounding this series of events

  2. To me, everything that happened in Point Pleasant West Virginia between 1966 and 69. Mutilated dogs, UFO sightings, strange lights, men in black, a grinning man named Indrid Cold, a sudden bridge collapse killing 46 people, and a terrifying 9 foot tall angel of death they call the Mothman.

  3. The marathon in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics was a total disaster.

    First off, the entire course was very dusty and breathing in that dust caused all kinds of injuries, including one runner who was hospitalized with hemorrhaging after the dust tore his esophagus and stomach lining. The asshole organizer of the race purposefully withheld water in order to test the effects of dehydration.

    That first-place finisher, Fred Lorz, did most of the race by car after being cramped. He got out shortly before the finish line and crossed it, which fooled some of the onlookers.

    That second-place finisher, Thomas Hicks, almost died after being given *rat poison* as a performance-enhancing drug. He was carried across the finish line by his handlers.

    That fourth-place finisher, Andarín Carbajal, raced in dress pants and shoes and took a nap by the side of the road after eating rotten apples.

  4. In 1828, a ragged-looking sixteenish year old boy, who called himself Kasper Hauser, wandered into the city of Nuremburg, babbling the same sentences over and over- “I want to be a cavalryman like my father. Horse. Horse.”

    He was taken to the authorities, and through a letter he kept clenched in his hands and a lot of interviewing, they learned he had been imprisoned in a dungeon somewhere for most of his life and had apparently never even seen who was imprisoning him.

    He stayed with a local schoolmaster for the next five years. Strange things continued to happen around him- several times he was discovered with severe wounds, which he insisted were given to him by a hooded man who followed him around. Most believed he was simply making up lies for attention.

    Five years after his arrival in Nuremberg he stumbled home with a severe stomach wound and another note clenched in his hand, one written in a strange code. He did not survive. To this day nobody is sure where he came from or exactly what happened to him.

  5. I would say this current decade with the Covid pandemic is pretty unusual.

    Even with modern advancements in technology and medicine, the whole world still manages to shut down if even for a while, and society is still divided on a lot of issues that should be considered simple and standard practice.

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