What’s the strangest punishment you ever got as a kid?

What’s the strangest punishment you ever got as a kid?

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  1. Our mom was a big believer in “buck ragging” as discipline. Bought these rags from a goat farmer that had been rubbed all over a billy goat in rut, and if you misbehaved, you’d have to smell it for several minutes.

    Sounds funny, but I hated it wayy, wayy worse than spanking or grounding……feel sick just thinking about it…

  2. Pillow drill.

    Hold a pillow in your arms with elbows at your sides. Until it eventually breaks you.

    Military thing i guess.

    It has an interesting psychological effect cause you’ll go on thinking this can’t be hard.

  3. Punishment or grounding is not very common in my country but I had a colleague from middle school who liked to read a lot and he got an 8 or 9 in school (10 being max) and his parents didn’t allow him to touch his book for a few weeks and only let him to watch tv. Idk the logic behind that but yeah

  4. In middle school we invented a game. It consisted of grabbing someone by his arms and legs, swing him back and forth and then release him against a wall.
    If course it was a stupid game but people participated voluntary as some kind of test of courage. Some kids got a little bit hurt and made a fuzz out of it.
    So our whole class had to do anti aggression training which mostly consisted of punching through wooden plates

    Ye that was weird

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