What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen, but don’t have proof?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen, but don’t have proof?

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  1. Saw someone get kidnapped whilst staying in a hotel in Hong Kong as a kid. Was playing on my PSP by the window at like 2am, and saw a car pull up next to this dude and a bunch of guys bundled him into the car and they drove off.

    I didn’t tell anyone for some reason (presumably kid logic just made it so I didn’t consider it urgent), but I’ve always looked back on that memory wondering if I saw what I think I saw and if there ever was a missing person report put in about it or something.

  2. In madagascar on a night walk in the forest
    Several hours drive from mahajanga. We’d been out chasing a rumor of a pygmy hippo (turned out to be a wild bore)
    Right infront of me I saw a 4 legged animal similar in size to a fossa however what was different about it was it had 3 white stripes running length ways down its body (well on the one side I saw)
    We told everyone when we got back to camp and got sat down with a book to go through so we could point out what it was. It was not in the book. Noone believed us but ik what I saw. I was so frustrated noone would come look for it.
    There is a undiscovered predator in them forests

  3. I was in line for Space Mountain. I had decided to get one last ride in while my family watched the Electric Parade. Right as I was gonna be next they stopped the line and freakin’ MICHAEL JACKSON walks up and gets on. I have to idea what to do so I just yell “MICHAEL!” and he waves.

  4. I had a USB that I lost 4 year prior turn up in a stormwater drain nearly 300 kilometres away from where I lost it.

    It was dirty, scratched and visibly worse for wear but still worked – inside had exactly identical files to what I could remember when I lost it – with the single addition of some old topdown shooter game called “Crimsonland”

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