What’s the stupidest thing your school/work banned?

What’s the stupidest thing your school/work banned?

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  1. Probably Yugioh cards.

    They were banned because a group of moms made up a rumor that in another unspecified country a kid had died while holding a fiend-type monster, so clearly they were satanic.

    Years later I learned that one of those moms was my friend’s mom and she just didn’t want to buy the cards for her son.

  2. back in my high school, they banned water bottles unless they were clear bc people had been sneaking alcohol into school, but like clear alcoholic drinks are a thing?? so it basically did nothing

  3. My primary school (age 5 to 11) in the UK banned talking during lunch. Every single child had to eat lunch in a big room, in absolute silence. No talking to friends or socialising allowed. It was pretty insane now I think about it.

  4. 6th graders and only 6th graders weren’t allowed to draw outside of assigned art projects. I heard any number of reasons for the ban–“gang signs,” vandalism, distraction–but never got one for why the ban didn’t apply to 5th or 7th graders. My only guess is that one of the 6th grade teachers just really hated seeing children’s artwork

  5. School: remember the whole “no yoga pants” fiasco of the 2010’s?

    Work: no shirts with political undertones regardless of where you land on the political spectrum.

  6. The pizza place I worked at briefly had a rule that you couldn’t play games in your phone on break. The rule was so effective that it was done away with before the week was up.

  7. We wanted to plan a vacation with some friends in class but the teacher got really mad and told us we could only talk about it if we would invite the whole class. (Was a friend group of 5 in a class of 40 people) after that we started to talk about planning/going on a vacation every class even tho we didn’t plan on doing something, this went on for 2 years

  8. The lack of shoes, as in there is an specific rule against it detailing what should and should not be worn in your feet, all this because a friend of mine read the Rule book and it only said that “Students must always come wearing appropriate pants and shirts that do not break the etiquette code”.
    He went to school with shoes and took them off at the entrance for a semester just to piss off the principal.
    I love that guy.

  9. We weren’t allowed to build a snowman because it “might fall on you”. They suggested we build a “snow forest” instead – snowballs on the ground > 1 meter apart.

    Nobody built snow forests.

  10. We were banned from tying a ponytail or pigtails to school. Girls with medium to long length hair could only tie braids. Otherwise, a discipline mistress would single us out in front of an assembly. Lol

  11. They banned regular playing cards under the false pretext that people were gambling, but we were actually just skipping classes to play it

  12. When I was in Sixth Form ( comparison: 12 Grade split into 2 years) a lot of people started playing cards, and there was a rumour going around that the head of Sixth Form was gonna ban cards….so people use to hide them when he walked by🤣🤣🤣

  13. We were not aloud to take pepernoten to school. It’s a part of the Sinterklaas tradition and kinda stupid when teachers disguised as Sinterklaas went round the classes giving other candy but not pepernoten.

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