What’s the weirdest law in you’re country or one you lived in?

What’s the weirdest law in you’re country or one you lived in?

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  1. **Mucking** was still legal in our rural Lithuanian town when I grew up there, for minor crimes.

    Instead of a permanant record and jail time, an offender could agree to be taken to a hog farm, restrained in a corner, 10-15 shovelfuls of manure poured onto him, and left to sit until sundown to think about his actions.

    I had a friend who got a 12-hour sentence for minor drug distribution to his friends. Joked about it after his sentencing but before the punishment, but seemed really shaken afterwards…

  2. You can’t cross into the neighboring state of Wisconsin with a duck on your head, and you can’t cross into any neighboring state with a chicken on your head

  3. Here, it’s illegal to clean a police dog’s teeth.

    The reason being that their awful breath makes it harder for offenders to fight back against them while being apprehended.

    I was skeptical at first but I came across a policeman with his dog once just on the sidewalk, and even just passing by I could smell something horrible sour/fishy/putrid and the dog only slightly had its mouth open…yikes

  4. After we implemented mandatory surgical castration for certain sex offenses for men, there was a court case arguing that the law needed to provide an equivalent punishment for female offenders to abide by the gender equality statutes, and a court agreed.

    The law was then passed that equivalent female offenders could be disciplined by having a **lye-dusted pad** applied to the clitoris for 60 seconds, which should remove the ability to feel sexual pleasure.

    A woman here, a teacher who had sex with a 12 year old student, is set to be the first to receive it next month. Apparently she’s crying/begging not to have it happen a lot…

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