What’s the weirdest thing you have seen someone do in public?

What’s the weirdest thing you have seen someone do in public?

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  1. More gross than weird, had a coworker who was always stinking. One morning I witnessed him walk out of the restroom,go into his pants,scratch his balls before scratching his ass,then take his hand and smell it. A few minutes later I saw him licking and sucking his fingers.

  2. I was in line at the store, this guy asked if he could go in front of me. He only had a soda so I was like sure buddy. And then another self checkout opened. I ended up walking out right behind him. He just tossed the soda into the trash can, didn’t even open it. WHY WAS HE IN A RUSH JUST TO THROW IT AWAY! I still think about it. Like maybe something came up? But he was walking all calm. I’ll never know I guess.

  3. There are too many weird things to list! I have seen people do everything from punching themselves in the face in a restaurant to having full blown conversations with inanimate objects in public. Honestly, the weirder it is, the more likely I have seen it happen before.

  4. I saw a woman running down the road to catch a bus. She made it, but was running so intensely that her shoe fell off before she got on the bus. She didn’t stop to pick it up…

    Did she have spare shoes with her? I still ask myself that question 😆

  5. Too many crackheads in Los Angeles to name or remember all, but anything you can imagine I’ve probably seen.

    I’ve seen crackheads fling shit at people. I’ve seen crackheads giving oral to people. Crackheads talking to themselves or imagining being attacked by invisible things. Crackheads literally asking you for money for crack/meth or asking you for crack/meth. Crackheads fighting other crackheads.

    There used to be this crackhead that my girlfriend named Michonne (before you say it’s racist, my girlfriend is black). Michonne used to attack everyone. She had mood swings where she would be happy one minute, then turn into a rage infected zombie the next. I remember once my girlfriend bought her food, because she claimed she wanted money for food (said she was hungry). Gf didn’t want to give her money, fearing she might spend it on drugs. Michonne started throwing the food at us, chased us back to our car. She confessed while in rage that she wanted the money for meth and didn’t need food.

    Michonne would also fight other crackheads almost everyday. She would take their things and attack them. She was also attacked several times, especially by these Indian guys who ran the 7-11 that she frequented. One day I saw her go in and tear the place apart, shattering all the windows in the store. That was the last time we saw her. Also the last time that 7-11 remained open. They closed down almost immediately after that. It wasn’t the first time a crackhead tore apart their store or broke windows.

  6. Small town guy, visited Stockholm for the first time.

    First evening there: walking through a square.

    Right outside a huge church: See four people in their late teens/early 20s, with a style that can only be described as some sort of hipster/punk hybrid.

    Next to them is a boom box, shitty alternative music…They dance extremely awkwardly, no emotion at all. Look like they want to die.

    If that’s what they wanna do, cool…but shit like that wouldn’t fly in my hometown…You’d become a living meme instantly.

  7. I had seen a homeless woman wandering around different places for a few weeks, she definetely had some kind of mental sickness. One day i saw her squatting and shitting on the sidewalk, this was at a big street so a lot of people saw her.

  8. When I was 12, I lived on second floor, the second floor of adjacent building was visible from the window. So the person who lived there, came out after bathing, with towel wrapped around his waist, bend over and slapped his own ass, later shouted “AYIIII!” after slap . Me and my brother rolled laughing. It wasn’t that public, but was visible to us.

  9. This happened when I was a kid, me, my brother, sister, and mom were going Christmas shopping. We got out of our car in the mall parking lot, and there was a woman squatting and taking a crap. Didn’t even try to hide it when we saw her.

  10. Would have been a little woman cruising around on a trike dressed as a clown who threw a cream pie in a dude’s face and just kept going. The dude was just stunned(a lot of people were), like wtf just happened.

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