What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found left behind in a home you moved into?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found left behind in a home you moved into?

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  1. There was some cheap jewelry hidden in the air intake vent, and a ruler in the ceiling of my closet. My mother weirdly insisted someone had been measuring their penis with it.

  2. Found a google nest, been sitting in my apartment for about two and a half years before I actually started using it. Weird af but hey, it works

  3. The house was built in the early 1700s, but modernized many times. There was a small bathroom where they had cut a square hole to reveal the original insulation; clay and pine needles!

  4. I had signed up for renting these old appartments that were gonna be demolished in a few years, so it was a bit of an anti-squad kind of thing. Houses were really dodgy, but I needed a place.

    So, when I went to check out this house I got offered, the landlady showed me the attic in the house. Proper old style attic with the foldable ladder that you had to use to get up there. I went up, and I saw this huge, dark attic, which was still littered with stuff. There was an abandoned camping bed set up, including a sleeping bag, with next to it a cooking pot and some CD’s. Like somebody had literally lived hidden in the attic. Somewhere in the corner layed something that looked suspiciously like a body wrapped in plastic… although I think that was my imagination getting carried away.

    Best story is, that when I took the appartment, they said they got rid of this stuff in the attic. I didn’t bother to check. When I had just lived there for a week, I was sitting in the living room by myself, and would’ve sworn I heard somebody knocking on the floor of the attic, and a sad, kind of desperate voice say: ‘…hello??!’

    I froze for several minutes, and my scared ass was too afraid to check it out (was a 20y female at the time living there alone) and convinced myself it was a sound from somewhere else since the houses had extremely thin walls. Never looked at the attic again for as long as I lived there. It is now my favorite story to tell to random strangers.

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