What’s the weirdest war tactic that actually worked?

What’s the weirdest war tactic that actually worked?

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  1. The Trojan Horse. Nobody questioned why there was a giant wooden horse outside and just bought it in and went for a sleep. There’s a scene in Red Dwarf where one of the characters sums up why they were so damn stupid.

  2. I remember hearing about a story where somesort of general said that they will stop attacking if they bring him many cats. and so they did but after they brought the cat to him he ordered his men to set the cats on fire and let the cats go… the cats went on flames and ran back inside the homes of their owners catching everything in path to flames. and the general and his men got in side the walls of the kingdom with ease. cant remember the name of the story but if you know pls tell me

  3. Can’t remember names off the top of my head but a Roman general walled in this settlement to wait them out, however reinforcements came.

    so in defence the Romans had no choice but to wall them self in from both sides essentially trapping them self like a sandwich in the middle of two armies.

    However, the general sent his half his army down and around to counter attack the army on the offence,
    although they were extremely outnumbered, and if the army just fought they would have crushed the Romans. the half army appearing from a different location was thought to be Roman reinforcements.
    This struck fear in the original reinforcement army and they disbanded in fear.

    It was seen as one of the greatest tactical movements in history.

  4. During WWII, a Japanese submarine called *Ro-105* was being hunted by a group of American destroyer escorts. Now this submarine was a beast, her crew pulled out every trick in the book to avoid being sunk – counterpinging the American ships’ sonar to disorient them, creating strong wakes to throw off their attack runs, following the destroyer escorts’ wakes, incredibly aggressive and radical maneuvering, you name it – even surfacing in the middle of the hunt to launch a spread of torpedoes at her pursuers. She had evaded well over a dozen depth charge and hedgehog attacks, and despite taking some damage was still kicking.

    *Ro-105* had kept this up for over 24 hours, and both oxygen in the submarine and her battery levels were running low, two issues that could only be remedied by surfacing for an extended amount of time. So what does she do? She surfaces *directly in-between* the two ships chasing her, gambling that they wouldn’t risk friendly fire by trying to attack her. The two ships detected the surfaced sub immediately and trained their search lights on her, but as predicted, neither was willing to risk firing on the other. In a tense standoff the two American ships began to maneuver to get out of each others’ way, about 5 minutes after she had surfaced, but *Ro-105* realized she’d overstayed her welcome and resubmerged with renewed oxygen and batteries.

    She then kept the chase up for several more hours, until the hunter-killer group’s ace, *USS England*, was begrudgingly called in to give *Ro-105* a go. *England* successfully sunk the brilliant and cunning *Ro-105* with her first attack, much to the astonishment and frustration of her squadmates who had spent well over a day trying to put her down. It was her sixth kill in under two weeks, a record that has never been matched in the history of anti-submarine warfare, and *England* herself also had some unconventional tactics up her sleeve.

  5. Probably those fake units during WW2 or whatever. Where they had a bunch of inflatable tanks and whatnot, commanders giving fake orders to soldiers wherever they were stationed, just a bunch of playing pretend to fool the Nazis and…it worked. .-.

  6. Wasn’t there a “fake army” during WW2?

    Like it was an American army but made up of actors, advertising agencies n artists. Their job was too get drunk at bars n pretend to be a high ranking military officer blabbing about classified operations in hopes that a Nazi soldier would overhear them.

  7. Long story short, many centuries ago in China, one king declared war on another, weaker king, the strong king gather all his men and marched to the weaker ones castle, the weaker king decided to dress all his soldiers as farmers and leave the gates wide open, when the strong king arrived at the gates, he saw them open and a bunch of unbothered farmers working away. He decided it looked like a trap and left.

    War is 90% psychology!

  8. Hello,

    Not sure if this is considered something that worked or not:

    I recall reading someplace about a fake airfield the Germans set up during WW2, complete with fake airplanes made out of wood.

    The British sent a solo bomber over it, which dropped a single bomb. The bomb was fake and made out of wood, too.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  9. Oft attributed to Zhuge Liang, fakeout your enemy by being really nonchalant about them showing up to your fort… which is actually empty or poorly defended. Sima Yi, who was not a slouch in terms of tactics and strategy was very much fooled by it. This was helped by Liangs reputation as a very careful strategist who rarely took risks.

    This is called the Empty Fort Strategy.

  10. In WW2, some American magician had the idea of making a platoon of blow up soldiers and vehicles. They had the blow-up fakes travel in one direction while the real bois went in another. It worked, the Nazis positioned their men to confront the blow up army only to be very confused.

  11. According to the legend, the nearby fort while under the siege by ottomans launched a chicken at them. The ottomans, under the impression that the defenders have more than enough food to withstand the siege, gave up. The locals of that area still bear the name “Chickies” ( loosely translated )

  12. Can’t recall which war it was or the participants but a general found himself outnumbered & facing utter defeat. He knew they were going to have to surrender but came up with one last crazy idea. He met with the opposing general to discuss terms of surrender. The opposing general did not know how many troops the surrendering general had. The losing general had one request. To watch his troops March by him as a last sign of respect. The march started and as his troops march by they simply marched around the corner out of sight & quickly join the end of the line. The opposing general had no idea what was going on & when he saw the size of the ranks had his troops retreat & head home.

  13. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1878 , a russian general told his forces that they have to take the city of Plovdiv ( in modern day Bulgaria ) by the end of the night . First : the general was joking . Second : the fort there was VERY strong . His men ( who all took the general words seriously ) told themselves that not only that this was impossible but also it was going to cost many lives , but orders were orders . So they got drunk ( hammered ) and at the evening stormed the fortress . The ottomans ( who also outnumbered the russians ) thought that the main russian force was there and it was they who attacked them , got scared and surrendered the city with little to no resistance . True story 😐

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