What’s the worst adult temper tantrum you’ve ever seen or heard about?

What’s the worst adult temper tantrum you’ve ever seen or heard about?

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  1. A longtime parishioner made a big scene in church when she walked in for Sunday services and saw a young family sitting in *her* pew.

    As I once described, in full voice for all to hear, she said to the ushers:

    “Either make them move, or I’m leaving – and taking my sizeable pledge with me!”

    When they declined to relocate, the lady stormed out of the building – never to be seen in that church again.

  2. This client at work (vet clinic) screamed at me because our doctor was running just a few minutes late. Said doctor was with a patient who had to be euthanized. This lady who screamed at me’s cat had some bumps/skin issues. Meanwhile a dog is literally dying and I can hear the owner sobbing since she did not originally bring in the dog thinking he would have to be euthanized. She was so vile, literally said to me “What is your problem?” I felt like asking it right back to her. Have some empathy for goodness sake

  3. My mom. She has some serious trauma so when she is upset she reverts back to her childhood and literally acts like a child. She stomps her feet and everything.

  4. Anybody in a Lowes trying to use the Husband’s military discount and being told no. Runner-up are the contractors that try and buy stuff off their bosses credit line

  5. I once told a cashier at DisneyWorld after another magic band malfunction “I’m not having a very magical day.”

    The kids still bring it up.

  6. Years ago while working at popeyes during the superbowl some guy thought he was a genius by heading over during the half time show. Guess he didn’t realize that about half the town ALSO had the same idea. When he came in he saw a line of about 20 or so people as well as a drive thru line out the parking lot.

    Instead of waiting like an adult, he took turns switching from in line in person to honking like crazy in the drive thru. I’m not even joking, like two times he came into the resturant and screamed “LETS GO!!!!” only to go outside, get back in the drive-thru and then blare the horn. I still recall customers ahead of him in their cars being like “You might wanna call the cops, the car behind us is going nuts”.

    This was my first job and I was beside myself with how to react to something like that. My boss handled it pretty well. The only part that still lingers with me, is he sorta looked like my dad lol, just your steroptypical boomer yet he acted like a child.

  7. I used to be an event manager, I hired some big’ish names for college concerts.

    Most artists are amazing, their tour managers are usually the absolute worst. I won’t name artists but I once got a call from a tour manager early in the morning about the absolute horrible experience he had at the Shangri La hotel in Toronto and gave me a hard time about booking him at such a horrible hotel in the city. **HE ASKED FOR THE SHANGRI LA – WE PAID THE BILL.**

    I got the facture for his stay. On top of the incredibly expensive room he requested, I also noticed that he ordered TWO, $130 plates for breakfast the next day.

    He was an ANGRY old Englishman and he just spent the entire time yelling at anyone he interacted with.

  8. “Grown” man losing his shit and screaming at me for arriving at 8:20 for an 8-10am appointment. I don’t think he understands how appointment windows work..

  9. I was at a bar and witnessed a woman throw a massive tantrum at her boyfriend because the jager bomb had the wrong energy drink in it, something that he had no control over. She made such a scene that security had to drag her out. It was like something out of Jersey Shore.

  10. When I worked in the er, pretty much every week you were guaranteed someone complaining that a critical patient went before them, when they were “next”.
    Also a lady shit on the floor because she thought she’d lose her place in “line” if she went to the bathroom. She was very upset that she was asked to clean it up, and ultimately swiped her hand through the pile and flung some at the people around her. This person was not sick to the point she could not a) control her bowels b)clean it up. She came in because her toenail fell off.

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