what’s the worst advice you got for your mental health?

what’s the worst advice you got for your mental health?

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  1. A lot of well-meaning people will tell people with depression that they shouldn’t feel bad because others have it worse than them.

    This doesn’t help. It just makes the depressed person feel guilty because they feel they don’t “deserve” to be depressed.

  2. “I don’t think you’re depressed, I just think you need to work through your problems”.

    Mind you, we were both diagnosed with depression, and mine was closest to the common symptoms. Theirs showed itself through rage and they compared that to my case.

  3. “Fake it, til you make it”

    Come to find out, they only wanted me to “fake it” so they didn’t have to deal with the side-effects of my mental illness. They wanted me to pretend to be fine, so they didn’t feel burdened by it.

    All “fake it til you make it” ever taught me, was to ignore my needs and mental instability. Which, in turn, caused me to get worse, and gaslight myself.

  4. Life is worth to live. Good things will wait for you someday. In reality life sucks and “good things” will happen to only privileged people. Just we “have to” live until our heart stops working. That’s our responsibility.

  5. Not sure if this necessarily belongs here. But, it relates. I just moved to a new city and I went to see a doctor a few years back about some mental health issues I have. I know there is medicine to take and it does work for me. However, I was curious about there being any other options aside from just prescribed medication.

    I get to a room and he finally comes in. He’s an older man, about a year or two from retirement and is very “to the point” about things. I start to tell him what’s going on and give him my 60 second story. He doesn’t say much. Just keeps his head down and takes notes.

    When I finish, he looks up at me and says “So, do you want some medicine or something?” I was so blown away by that question I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts. I said “Uh, I uh, yeah, sure.” He tells me what I’ll be taking and says that he’ll see me in 3 months and walks out.

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