Whats the worst birthday you’ve had?

Whats the worst birthday you’ve had?

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  1. My birthday is 2 days after Christmas so everyone, including a lot of family, forgets in the excitement of their own celebrations. I’m kinda used to it by now but it still sucks. I’ve spent the past 7 years getting drunk and seeing how much of a cake I can eat alone by the end of the night.

  2. Not sure if it’s my worst but it’s definitely top 3. I was turning 9. I had saved my dollars up, wanting to buy myself a nice birthday present. Birthday was on a Saturday, my mother told me to give her my money so she could keep it safe. She went and gambled it on the pokies on Friday, whilst I was at school. So I wake up on Saturday to no birthday presents and my money was gone too.

  3. When I turned 15, I spent my birthday at gymnastics boarding school. Though my overall experience was great. My birthday sucked…
    My roommate, had his birthday the same day, he was more popular than me so I got overshined a lot. In the evening his family drove up to celebrate with presents and what not. My family was further away and couldn’t join.
    … Basicly I just helped celebrate my roomies birthday 😂

  4. When I turned 21 bars wouldn’t let me in because the state I live in started handing out paper IDs while you had to wait 2 weeks to get the real one in the mail. Apparently that wasn’t enough proof of my age so that and the bouncers incompetence to do basic math ruined my 21st.

  5. My mother died 7 days before my 42nd birthday. Suddenly I was alone with my grieving father and realized that I don’t know this man. My mother always was the glue between us. He didn’t even have flowers or a candle or a chocolate bar for me. I have never felt so alone.

  6. I forget which birthdays it was but an older kid in my neighborhood just showed up in invited to my house and just took all of my friends to do some other shit with him. Another time the same kid got word that I would be at sky zone and showed up (again uninvited) and did the same shit.

    He ruined two of my birthday party’s back to back

    I’m also not mentioning how many times he came over to hang out with my brother and just stole snack and other shit from our house.

  7. When I turned 13, I went to hang out with my grandma at her retirement home. Suffering from dementia, she said “My, you’re awfully big for a 4 year old!”. No other festivities occurred that day, and I’m pretty sure my parents forgot to get me a present. So yeah, turning 13 (or 4 in grandma years) was not the best.

  8. Went to a beach boardwalk. Got heat exhaustion and got really sick and confused, and couldn’t figure out how to talk properly. I guess I kept saying I didn’t remember the word for things. My dad’s response to this was to beat the shit out of me, then do the same to my mom for trying to defend me, drag us both to the car and drive home at dangerous speeds, all the while screaming about how he won’t have an r-slur for a kid and it’s more normal to have a dead kid than a kid who forgets words, so I need to be grateful.

    I was turning 18. Yeah. That’s his “response to being worried”.

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