What’s the worst designed part of the human body?

What’s the worst designed part of the human body?

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  1. I’d say the hip area of women in terms of giving birth. I mean, we have to be born prematurely because a woman couldn’t get a completely developed and ready baby out of her and even that’s extremely painful.

  2. Probably mouth, considering how so many people have messed up teeth as adults if they didn’t wear braces as kids.

    And then out of pity for men I would say pennies as well. It’s sad how that body part varies so drastically in size between individual. It varies more than any other body part. You don’t see one guy with 1 inch hands and another with 9 inch hands…

  3. The crown I have on one of my molars. Fibers from my food get caught there ALL the time. My dentist says ‘Live with it.’

    (The rest of my body ‘evolved’ – it wasn’t designed at all.)

  4. Please explain the reason why men and women don’t have an on/off button for how our genitals work? Let me explain. It makes sense that we breath automatically. You actually have to consciously make yourself not breath to stop.

    It makes sense that our inner ear automatically adjust our equilibrium. There’s many things that happen automatic that’s essential that we need.

    But I’m lost as to why men and women only have partial control over if we get aroused or not. Any man who suffers from premature ejaculation will tell you they wish they could actually choose when they cum. Any man in general will agree it’s inconvenient to have to play a game of slots with you dick just to get it hard or make an erection go away and I don’t see the advantage of it not being under our direct control.

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