What’s the worst excuse you ever heard to cancel a plan?

What’s the worst excuse you ever heard to cancel a plan?

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  1. Honestly, any reason including the words “I don’t know.” Like “I don’t know if I can make it tonight…” If you need to cancel, don’t play around, just tell me you need to cancel.

  2. My buddy put brand new high performance tires on his daily vehicle, a Civic Type R. That same week we had plans but it was raining (we’re in south FL, it rains every single day during the season). He said his brand new tires weren’t safe to drive in the rain.

  3. My classmate in high school missed the geography test because a cat bit her and also she had to go to court due to getting sued. It sounded bizarre. It was the truth.

  4. Not mine but it’s popular school note, one student claimed that they couldn’t arrive to the school because they were at the grandma’s funeral, but in that exact day the teacher meet the grandma when going to the school by tram lol

  5. My friend was supposed to come with us to the amusement park, he even paid for his ticket and when the day came he said I can’t go, my dad is getting deported (him and his family are here legally)

  6. “sorry, can’t go to the dance. It’s the same day as my friend’s electroshock therapy and I promised I’d go along for moral support.” – actual excuse given to me by a 14-year-old boy in middle school.

    “God told me not to go to prom.” – actual excuse from a 17-year-old boy, who is now a youth pastor.

    This is why I don’t make the first move anymore.

  7. Hey, you want to go out Friday night? Oh yeah, you have to wash your hair… Well how about Saturday night? Oh yeah, yeah, you have to dry it.



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