What’s THE worst physical pain you’ve ever experienced?

What’s THE worst physical pain you’ve ever experienced?

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  1. Got electrocuted so bad my heart stopped and I shot across the room. When I was resuscitated it felt like every muscle and tendon in my body was trying to rip themselves out.

  2. Horse got scared and bucked me off, I broke 3 ribs and landed in Cholla Cacti. Broken ribs is terrible, but having to pull thousands of needles out of your back, arms, legs, neck, and ass I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  3. Testicular infection. It was like getting kicked in the nuts every time I moved too much. Lasted almost 3 days. I’m getting queasy just thinking about it.

  4. For me it was 5 tooth extractions in the same sitting followed by an immediate partial. The first nine hours… y’know that out-of-nowhere excruciating pain you might feel from time to time that’s enough to cripple you over? I felt that constantly with no let-up. No waves, no throbs, just constant torturous pain.

  5. (we still don’t know what the cause/problem is, maybe occasionally severe episodes of IBS)
    every once in a while and i mean that literally, it’s a pick a card of 375 cards luck kind of thing.
    Out of nowhere i’ll start having the most intense and severe pain, like someone is stabbing me with a hot and cold dagger in my stomach, it can last anywhere from 30mins to over an hour. I’ll throw up and pass out sometimes. But the pain is so unbearable that i’d rather be dead than wait for it to pass when i experience it.

  6. Cluster headaches, I’ve them for about ten years.

    I’ve recently learned that taking a small dose of magic mushrooms and chugging an energy drink will usually stop a headache within 20 minutes for me. My quality of life has improved immensely in the last few years.

  7. I had ingrown toenail surgery done which was all fine and good but one night, a couple days after the operation I believe, my nail looked kind of dirty and I was going to wash it off to keep from Infection. I was in the laundry room where we have a standing sink, i lift up my leg to put it into the sink but since I had both feet done my balance wasnt very good so instead of just lifting my foot I basically kicked it upwards quickly and ended up hitting the over hang of the sink. It ended up breaking the nail near the bottom and had it looking all mangled and shit. That hurt alot, probably up there with the most painful things in my life but now I’m left with my mangled fucking toenail and need to do something about it. I get tweezers and end up removing the actual hard nail base which hurt but surprisingly wasn’t too bad but beyond that was a softer bit, the actual base of the nail from where it grows, I guess it’s always under skin so it doesnt get as hard. That’s still hanging in there so I grab it and tear it off, this hurt more but still wasn’t as bad as you think. The worst part was touching the exposed nail bed, I didnt do it on purpose but during this whole thing I ended up touching it with the tweezers and a sharp cold pain shot through me and had me banging on my leg for a solid 10 seconds.

    5/10 would not recommend

  8. Had surgery to remove a polyp deep in my ear canal. I had to remove the gauze at home myself. Removing the gauze felt like my brain was being sucked out of my head. By far worst pain ive had in my life. I was like 11 at the time and even today in my 30s i get sick thinking about the pain. I will take any broken bones, cramps, head injuries, etc ive had 10 times over that.

    I always had ear problems tubes infections and so on. I cant tell i have an ear infection anymore cus im so adjusted to the pain of those so for that to hurt me was a big deal growing up.

  9. A stomach ache, which sounds like small beans, but it was truly excruciating. Idk what happened, I didn’t eat anything especially bad, but it was embarrassing. Incontinence cause I had to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t get up, just cried and felt suicidal.

    The next day, I felt fine. What the hell man?

  10. When I got dragged over grit-gravel by a bolting horse*, (foot caught in stirrup), my back got scraped up really raw. I was pretty young and the dettol baths after were a painful all of their own too heh

    This was back before safety stirrups/slip stirrups were a thing for kids.

    (* = technically was a cob-pony, but before when I’ve said ‘pony’ in telling other this they think only of the tiny Shetlands and that ‘they can’t go that fast to drag you.’ Ponies can be quite tall. I say ‘horse’ as a general)

  11. I broke my hand twice left and right but what the hell is this Plantar Fasciitis pain? Shit hurts like hell and I guess my old age is a factor too : (

  12. I once passed 3 stones in one kidney and two in the other one at the same time. I was pissing almost pure blood. When I tried to pee, it hurt so bad I passed out and came to on the bathroom floor. The ER people were shocked that I could walk. They put me in a wheelchair and I sat there crying.

    I’d rather not do that again.

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