What’s the worst thing about being a Line Cook?

What’s the worst thing about being a Line Cook?

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  1. It is all aweful, absolutely nothing good about it. Dumb ass servers, hot as fuck,stuck over a grill for hours. Not one word about all the food that comes out perfect, make one mistake though…… I know the customers are the ones that pay the Bills, but fucking hell are some of them a pain in the ass.

  2. My roomate in college was a line cook and he smelled like shit all of the time. Even after thoroughly showering he still smelled like musty fried foods.

  3. You’re going to be near hot oil and if that gets on you it hurts like a mofo and keeps hurting for days after. Also, well, you don’t want to slip near hot oil.

  4. It’s so *constant*. You have to keep up on prep, sanitation, and orders for hours and hours on end, often without any period of anything slowing down long enough to reset your station or your sanity. You can’t even go out for a quick smoke without knowing that it’s just going to put you further behind which is just going to make the rest of the night that much worse. Generally the way line cooks deal with it is with stimulants to get through the day and depressants to take the edge off at home.

  5. I have two brothers who are line cooks. It’s really, really hard on your body. Both of them have basically lost 90% of the feeling in their hands. Both have bad backs, have their hands and arms covered in cuts and burns, have carpel tunnel syndrome…

    It’s rough.

  6. The shoes/sneakers that get destroyed by the grease. But its fun slipping and sliding on the tiled floor! Line cook at truck stop in early 80’s. Been there and done that to most things.

  7. It’s the pay, absolute trash. If you work at a good restaurant it’s a really fun job, you learn tons of useful skills that apply everywhere in life not just the kitchen, you make some good friends and hear some fucking disgusting, hilarious, absurd stories.

    I recommend everyone do it for a year between high school and college/university/apprenticeship. For the life experience, and to really drive home the point that you better pick something to learn or get real comfortable line cooking forever.

  8. Not a line cook, but I was a server/bartender for 18 years and I can attest that one huge bonus of being a line cook is that you have a higher than average chance of hooking up with young hot chicks. Like way, way higher than average for some of the goblins I’ve worked with on the line. It’s a strange phenomenon I never fully understood.

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