What’s the worst thing about owning a dog?

What’s the worst thing about owning a dog?

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  1. I dont own a dog because I live alone and travel too much for work….so the worst part about having a dog is that having one is a lifetime commitment.

  2. Time consuming ! No matter how busy, sick , tired you are ! You have to take care of the dog.

    – 3-4 Walks around (average 30 min)
    – comb it (if the dog has long hair) 10 min
    – Food, cleaning bowl preparing etc. (10 – 30min)

    And also spending time with the dog petting it and giving it attention.

    I really like doing it but I have some days/phases where it can be really hard.

  3. When you notice they’re declining and you know you’re going to have to say goodbye soon. And when that day comes, despite having anticipated it, you’re still an emotional train wreck.

  4. They live long enough for us to get super attached, but too short in my opinion. Ive lost so many dogs in my life. Some where 15, 16+ and some unfortunately had cancer and died before at 8 or 10. Breaks my heart entirely.

    Oh and when you don’t have kids but have a dog and people dont understand that she IS my kid. So I have to get a pet sitter and plan for vacations.

  5. Cleaning up.When I first got my dog it was winter so I kept it inside.I got 2 carpets in my room,fluffy ones.She pissed on one and shat on the other.

  6. It really limits travel plans. You can leave a cat for a few days with enough food and water, but a dog needs a babysitter, boarding, or to just go with you. My fiancee and I have been trying to plan a trip to Europe and the dogs are the most challenging aspect.

  7. Over a cliff, perhaps? Or perhaps the dog simply made them drown over time.

    Dog says, “Go on.”

    Sheep But it’s adorable,


    However, I am unable to breathe.


    “But I’m dead,” you say.

    Edit: Someone has informed me that the dog is called Karl and that he is a llama that wears a hat.

  8. ***BARKING***!!!!!!
    Pissing/shitting on the floor, even if they’ve just been outside and gone.
    Hair freaking EVERYWHERE!!!!!!The stench, especially when they’re sweaty, but they always have a yuck odor.
    Begging for your food, when their dish is completely full. Stealing your food if you accidentally leave it within their reach.
    Tripping over the dog as you’re trying to do something. Bonus points if you’re trying to make your way to the bathroom in the dark, and the dog gets in your way.
    The vet bills/medical bills you’ll end up having to pay when your dog attacks another dog, or *worse*, a **human**.

  9. Being judge, jury, and executioner at the end of 10-15 years together taking care of each other, they very rarely die peacefully of natural causes.

  10. When they start making the horking sound that means they’re going to puke, and you have exactly two seconds to get them off of the carpeted/fabric covered surface they happen to be on

  11. Trying to cuddle her needy ass enough for her to be satisfied.

    Nah! Just kidding. She’s a service animal and she’s amazing. Emotionally intuitive to the point that she’ll copy whoever she’s in the room with. Tears are automatic hugs. Wouldn’t trade her for anything 😊.

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