what’s the worst thing about your favourite video game?

what’s the worst thing about your favourite video game?

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  1. Sometimes you just won’t launch into a glory kill or a chainsaw animation, even though you’re staring right at the demon. Proves fatal at Nightmare and up. Same goes for not grabbing ledges, but is less of a big deal.

  2. As massive as it is and as long and great as the story is…. there is a finite ending. Like every game. At a certain point, you’ve done it all, experienced all the unique content. At that point you can only do the repetitive shit, or there is nothing left to do.

  3. That every expansion they try to invent something new which causes balance problems and a lot of grind. Also storytelling could be improved a lot.

  4. Apex legends it was cool at first but they add a new character and every season the story just gets more confusing and the new character is just lil nas but even gayer

  5. Bloodborne. I hate everything about it as much as i love everything about it. I have fucking Stockholm syndrome with this game and its my favorite of all time despite all the frustration and stress its put on me. FUCK.YOU.GASCOIGNE.

  6. Toxicity – League of Legends

    Though I’ve been playing Terraria a lot more, and I’m actually relaxing during my freetime now. Also started DBD, and that’s going okay for me ig

  7. sound doesnt work, hit reg doesnt work (problems the game has had since release and we are now on year 6 of the seasons might I add), the game always has new bugs, cheaters ruin the console experience.

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