What’s this obsession people have with listening to music really, really loud?

What’s this obsession people have with listening to music really, really loud?

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  1. If you have a really good system, acoustic music sounds best at realistic levels. Not ear splitting, but a guitar should be the same volume as a guitar.

  2. It’s more immersive. Especially when the world around you is loud, the louder the music the louder sounds it drowns out.

    Also if I get it loud enough then I can’t even hear my own thoughts which is the ultimate goal.

  3. I have no problem with loudness as a quality of music, but an overblown speaker is an overblown speaker and a poorly mixed sub is a poorly mixed sub

  4. Honestly, I don’t get it either. I get wanting plenty of bass when listening to music in your car, for example, but I feel like if your bass is so loud that it practically registers on the richter scale, you might want to lower the volume a tad. Too much bass makes my head hurt, and listening to music too loud in my headphones triggers my tinnitus.

  5. For me, headphones don’t do the trick. I really want to feel the lower frequencies with my body as I am listening to the midrange and high frequencies with my ears. For instance, in my living room there are six 12″ woofers powered by three monoblock amplifiers totalling 700 watts. I want an immersive concert-like listening experience with excellent fidelity.

  6. I only do this when I’m wearing earphones, but it’s to enjoy the music to the fullest, hear the words, instrumental, parts of the music you don’t hear unless it’s being blasted in your ears. A literal escape, all I’m focused on is music. Aside from that, to escape the world and drown all external noises out. I’m really sensitive to yelling and nonstop talking, so in places where that is a norm, I blast music in my ears and instantly feel better.

  7. Not necessarily, depends on the Genre but Dance music and Rock music are best played loud to fully immerse you into the experience. A random song I hear on my car stereo regularly without me noticing it can almost move me to tears when played at very high volume in the club or at a gig.

  8. Sometimes I just need the full blast of ear deafening music so I don’t have a mental breakdown it is just time for me to sort my thoughts or don’t having any thoughts (depends on the type of music)

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