What’s wrong with you?!

What’s wrong with you?!

What do you think?


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  1. Constant pain from radiation damaged bone and tissue.

    Lost ability to eat with, talk with and swollow with my mouth.

    Cancer took most of my tounge as I had cancer 2 times in my tounge.

    Had tissue taken from thigh to repair tounge. Also had bloodvessels taken from same thigh to solve a blood delivery issue in lower jaw so now I wLk with a limp due to pain in thigh.

    Cronicly tired so I sleep alot.

    All nutrients, medicine, and fluids has to go thru a gastric tube that goes thru my belly to my stomac.

    Cronic pain and tiredness makes my unable to work or do all my old hobbies.

    You dont get rich beeing this ill for a decade so lost my familyhome and all my vintage cars and now live in a small condo.

    Getting old aswell so bought my first pair of reeding glasses…… it sucks.

    And some other small stuff but … dont wanna be a complainer.

  2. I’m tired of standing still.

    I have a decent job training and teaching others, a loving partner and I’m healthy but, atleast in my country, moving forward from here seems impossible. I want to build something for myself. I want a house I can call my own and a future where I don’t need to worry about struggling to survive when I retire.

    I’ve been working for 10 years in different job roles and have very little to show for it. My monthly paycheck is swallowed by ever increasing rent, bills, medication costs and student loans etc. The very little I have left usually goes towards food and trying to enjoy whats left of my twenties. I don’t have kids and I’m struggling to make ends meet. I can’t even imagine a future where I could realistically afford to have kids and be comfortable.

    It feels like unless I’m extremely lucky I’ll be doing this for another 40/50 years. I’m turning 30 and I’m already burned out.

  3. Get stuck in a shitty 12 year abusive relationship. Finally get out.. meet the perfect guy and he’s on the other side of the world and I’m too fucked up to even pass over a number. Abuse scars, woo. Fucking sucks.

  4. I’m too fucking busy. Regular career, weekend job every other Saturday, side business at home doing technical sewing, raising a family, remodeling a house, maintaining 10 acres, I just want to take a nap.

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