What’s you honest opinion, that’ll get you killed on the internet?

What’s you honest opinion, that’ll get you killed on the internet?

What do you think?

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  1. The idea of cultural appropriation is racist, in order to destroy racism we have to accept that any culture is human culture and its not tantamount to black face for a white guy to have dreadlocks etc.

  2. I think it’s gross to hook up with lots of different people and I wouldn’t date someone if I found out they slept with a ton of different people or had a “wild college phase.”

    My mom was a promiscuous drug addict her entire life and all it did was make everything unstable. I can’t be with someone who has that same thrill-seeking mentality even if it was “in the past.”

  3. New age cartoons have ^kinda ruined the industry

    Cartoons like OG Johnny Test, the new Teen Titans etc are so unbelievably hated, while they aren’t bad cartoons.

    It’s just the format that has changed. These cartoons have no overarching story or depth or anything. It’s just a bunch of characters messing around, as cartoons should be.

    You should just sit down for 11 minutes at a time with no prior knowledge of anything or even have it play in the background and still enjoy it.

  4. It’s racism even if it’s against white people. It’s sexism even if it’s against men. It’s xenophobia even if it’s against Americans. Hate is hate

  5. If a woman dates somebody far younger than them, they are a ‘Cougar’ and other women’s attitude is ‘good for her’.

    When a man does the same, they label them a dirty old man, a pervert and a cradle snatcher.

    If men are those things for doing that, then so are women. Anything else is double standards, rank hypocrisy and the opposite of gender equality.

  6. Fuck it, let’s write this account off.

    If you’re going to move to another country you need to make at least a small fucking effort to fit in and assimilate, no you don’t need to forget your roots but you do need to speak my language and all in all – fit in or fuck off.

  7. Some people are just worth more/less than others.

    Human life is valuable, but not to the degree people want to believe. There are lots of people who contribute more to society than others, and lots of people who contribute less to society than others.

    Some people are rockstars and worth their weight in gold, and some people could die in a ditch and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    What you choose to do with your life matters a whole lot more than just the fact that you’re alive.

  8. Deadpool (a marvel character) shouldn’t go in mcu, they will ruin his persona because they are too busy writing big personalities of thor, captain America and spiderman.

  9. Instead of being more inclusive we are labelling every shade of melanin, sexuality, gender and whatnot.
    Just to give a chance to the non binary lämp to get offended if I don’t acknowledge their möth orientation.

  10. Cars are nice. Want to make a massive trip to Costco? Easy. Want to throw all my camping gear into my car and drive 5 hours into the middle of nowhere? Done. Want to visit my parents 45 minutes away? Get in and go.

  11. We don’t need so many genders. About 5 or so terms would cover everyone, bearing in mind that Male and Female already cover the overwhelming majority of people.

  12. The slavery of black people wasn’t as bad as it was told to be, they were like 150 dollars per and there were only 4 million (rounded)

    There was also the slavery of white people but I didn’t research that enough.

    The Holocaust only killed “An upwards of six million Jews”

    The indigenous genocide killed 56-66 million native americans.

    We don’t appreciate the natives even though they were first, they taught us things and we taught them things, but we killed them. I have to say webecause I’m half European.

  13. I said Bill Belichick was average at drafting and got killed for it on the Pats subreddit a couple years ago. Jeez can a guy have an opinion? And he is average at drafting for the most part IMO . Got lucky with Brady, had that one good year with Gronk and Mccourty, and had another good one with Mac Jones this year. I’m sure there’s more he did well, but the year I said that, none of the picks made a positive impact immediately other than Winovich and Brady ended up leaving cuz the talent around him was so bad lol.

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