What’s your best drinking advice or tips for a soon-to-be 21-year-old?

What’s your best drinking advice or tips for a soon-to-be 21-year-old?

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  1. Eat food before you drink. It will make the effect less potent. Drink water to stop yourself from getting dehydrated. Don’t drink while on medications, because it could overload your kidneys

  2. Do not go crazy if it’s your first time drinking, also buying your own bottles of booze is cheaper, bars are overpriced, and don’t drink and drive because believe or not you’re a terrible driver while drunk and cops can tell

  3. Firstly, I go on the assumption that you partake already but bingeing may seem like the cool thing all the other young twenty-somethings are doing. But it’s not. You’re wasting time, money, and your liver, in ways you won’t be able to get back. As someone who partakes now and then, I won’t say don’t drink. But I will say that a wise person doesn’t let the drink make the decisions for them.

  4. Learn and know your limits. Don’t mix white and brown liquors. When you start feeling it it’s time to dial it back for a few hours then head home. If you want to get shitfaced do it at home. Remember most DUI’s are at officers discretion. You don’t have to blow ‘hot’ to be charged and besides do you want to rish someone elses life or yours just because you were out having a good time? Be careful and smart about it but enjoy your life.

  5. Drink to enjoy the flavor of something good and not too just get hammered. Find what you can best develop a taste for and have it like you would a soda with dinner or just at the end of the day. I would also suggest drinking a glass of water after each glass of alcohol.

  6. Ive been a bartender for about 20 years. I have also had long periods of my life where I didnt/dont drink. I havent had a drink in over a year at this moment and I was about to that point when I turned 21.

    With all of that in mind, and with all of the advice to the contrary in this thread, I DO suggest you go overboard. Have at least ONE PERSON who can keep an eye on you, but do drink a lot and get good and drunk on your 21st. Unfortunately for me, I turned 21 on am inconvenient Thursday night when none of my good friends could come out…fortunately though, most of my good friends were bartenders and bar workers. I didnt get to “drink with” my friends, but they were there to buy me drinks and get me a cab home.

    I woke up the next day feeling like I just had a lot of fun for a 5 hours and now I was going to be sick for 6 hours. That is part of the equation when you drink…and it gets worse than that with the horror stories of addiction, drunk driving, and overall bad decisions. AT LEAST go overboard in a structured and chaperoned environment…it’s no joke to take your new found ability to drink lightly. It can be a lot of fun…it can be life or death done poorly. Your first legal hangover-of-doom is like the sunburn that politely reminds you that the sun keeps you warm, makes things bright, and makes the carrots grow…but dont get cocky around the sun.

  7. Make sure you eat, but just enough to have something in your stomach. Also if you get hungry after you drink, don’t eat a lot or else you’re probably going to yak it up within the hour.
    Most importantly: pedialyte/Gatorade/body armor are your best friends for the morning after

  8. Quality over quantity and drink plenty of water in between drinks.

    Of course all the other serious “adult” warnings:

    Don’t drink and drive, Don’t binge drink, Don’t drink 7 days a week, No drinking while on meds, etc.

  9. Best is to do it with close friends at a safe location like your pad or a friends pad. Eat a heavy meal before hand. It helps the alcohol stay down and makes for a more controllable drunk. Drink lots of water throughout the night even if it means you’re gonna pee a lot. And take a few ibuprofens and maybe a Vitamin B pill at the end of the night to curb that hangover the next morning.

  10. First, try to only drink one type of drink in one night. Mixing will likely produce bad results.

    Second, if it’s your first time drinking, don’t drink too much, your body will respond negatively to such an experience. If you want to get drunk, do it slowly, so you don’t have a bad time.

    Lastly, remember to always be prepared: lots of water to keep you hydrated, a good hearty meal before/during alcohol intake, a trustworthy mostly sober person, a way to get back home (don’t drink and drive), a way to limit your spending (don’t take too much money.

    Hopefully with all these tips you’ll have a good time instead of vomiting in a random pit with some homeless people. Enjoy! 😉

  11. Know your limits. There’s a line between “pleasantly buzzed” and “completely blasted,” but you won’t know where that line is for you until you start approaching it.

    If you’re doing shots, make sure you’re also drinking water in between them. Also, never do Jaeger bombs.

    Alcohol dehydrates you. A hangover is just intense dehydration. Sugary drinks will make this worse. My roommate in college and I had a system where we reminded each other to drink a full bottle of water before bed after a party. Yes, you will get up to pee in the middle of the night. It’s better than feeling dead in the morning.

  12. That you only give a shit about it because you’re not 21.
    See how you’re not all giddy today that you’re actually allowed to see rated R movies? Yeah that. You’re allowed, so you don’t care. That’s a good thing.

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