What’s your biggest “nope, I’m out of here” – moment?

What’s your biggest “nope, I’m out of here” – moment?

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  1. I went to tailgate a NASCAR event, and it was very late, but somehow I ended up in a trailer park party. Some girl about my age (early 20’s) started hitting on me. Then her mom started hitting on me. Then they fought.

  2. I had a fairly good friend in college who left school in our sophomore year because his father had passed away. We understood his father to have been pretty wealthy, and heard that our friend had inherited a lot of money.

    About a year later, our friend came back to town with his girlfriend for a visit. He was driving a fancy new car, and told us about a party he was hosting that night at a mutual friend’s place.

    I went to the party, which was a little rowdy, but I was enjoying catching up. Some sketchy guy I didn’t know showed up, was greeted by my friend, and they went into a back room together.

    A few minutes later, my friend signaled a few of us to come back to the room. I walked in, they were shooting heroin, and I walked back out, and kept going until I got back to my apartment.

    I never saw that guy again.

  3. Had a neighbor at this apartment complex I used to live in. She was a large woman, to say the least. She knocked on my door one day and asked if I could move a TV for her. I said sure. Why not, I’m a civilized human. So first I grabbed this small TV from her car that was on top of, what was easily a week old or more piece of steak still wrapped like from the grocery. I remember looking at the date and thinking I should call someone, her car was that serious too. As I went through her apartment making my way through the piles of clothes and trash. I finally got to her room and had to hold my breath. She had me move an older TV that didn’t work and replace with the one I brought in. When I lifted the old TV, there was just a mound…. I mean a literal MOUND of piled roaches/roach feces. I almost threw up. I moved as fast as I could to get in and out. I moved out within the month.

  4. Last night, actually. I decided to go outside for a cigarette and didn’t read the weather, and at first it was nice buuut… well, let’s just say that I never ran inside quicker than the moment lightning struck under a hundred meters away out of bumfuck nowhere followed by spontaneous hail and sideways rain.

  5. When my ex her mom started to decide how to dress and what haircut to have and my ex whole heartly agreed.
    That relationship gave me so much pain cause i realized that i said yes to many things and lost myself completely. Mental breakdown and picking myself back up for a year and half later. I decided never ever to do that again.

  6. First – and likely only – chance I ever had at a threesome. Walked two girls from my floor home from a party & they invite me in. We’re all pretty smashed. Anyway 30 seconds into the BJ blonde girl hurls. The smell/sight freaks out purple hair and she begins dry heaving. I left.

  7. When I was in a students club, I always had the feeling things were extremely sexist. At a certain point a friend of mine agreed to a challenge to let 10 guys jizz over her face. I thought it was just bullshit. Apparently she was in a small room and 10 guys went in there one after the other. Suddenly they showed me a picture where she had her face covered and both her middle fingers up. Everyone of our club and the other club saw it. That’s whan I said, nope I’m out, and quit the club.

    Now years later she recently got engaged, her fiance doesn’t know and this picture still gets shown around among old club members and she still hangs around with these guys.

  8. Walked into a party with some friends around 1990. Turned the corner into the kitchen and there was a wall mirror on the table with what had to be half a kilo of cocaine mountained up in the middle.

    Nope, I’m out.

  9. When one time I was vacationing alone in another city and was bored one night… enter a chat room of the city to pick up some woman for the night and nothing… so one guy says “ey man wanna meet to drink and chat.. I’m bored too”… He was on a town near so I said ok… take a taxi after buying some red bull…
    He received me in boxer ans sleeveless shirt on the street and I was like wtf… enter the house and all good… we chat about our life while drinking whisky and at one point I was totally smashed on the couch… he started doing some lines of coke and invited me but refused… and later he says… “stay over… it’s late”… 5 or 6am… When he showed me where I was going to sleep, I say hell no… he only has a king size bed.

    Called a taxi to go back to the hotel…

  10. day 2 winding toroid coils. boss said I wasn’t fast enough. tinning the ends without gloves. lots of tiny soldier marks on my arms. Didn’t come back. even for 2 days of pay.

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