What’s your comfort show, the kind where no episode gets boring?

What’s your comfort show, the kind where no episode gets boring?

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  1. Any Star Trek, but especially The Next Generation. I watched Star Trek with my mom and grandma when I was really little and it’s become the ultimate comfort to me. It’s always fun, interesting, and cozy.

  2. Our Flag Means Death. I also love The Repair Shop. It’s not a contest, there’s no stakes, it’s just skilled craftspeople fixing up people’s sentimental junk. It’s very soothing

  3. Inuyasha.

    Have watched all episodes, even the fillers like 3-4 times and still find myself going back when I want a pick-me up. It’s a mixture of nostalgia and just the fact it was a fun show.

  4. My wife has been watching Friends reruns for fkn years! I can’t stand it. I’m too logical to believe that roommates arrangement works at all. They say funny stuff but outside of that I know that their relationships are not believable. But, whatever. My favorite show as a kid (I don’t like TV shows anymore) was Star Trek the original. But I’m into science fiction and I am a Mechanical Design Engineer so probably why.

  5. America’s Next Top Model

    Also trashy reality TV from early 2000 era in general, like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, etc. It’s the perfect predictable background noise.

  6. Friends!

    I’m rewatching it, and although I wasn’t born in that when it came out but this sense of “warm” and “comfort” and safety when watching it. Yes the characters aren’t really deep but I’m fine with that especially in the earlier season. It’s just a show to let go of your mind

    Also I love the Amazing World of Gumball..

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