What’s your conspiracy theory for why women’s clothing has such small or nonexistent pockets?

What’s your conspiracy theory for why women’s clothing has such small or nonexistent pockets?

What do you think?

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  1. Y’all get outta here with your Big Handbag nonsense. This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s to keep clear of Polly. You know who I’m talking about, Polly as in Polly Pocket.

    For the uninitiated: Pocket will burrow into females pockets and once she’s in, she ain’t leaving. Instead, she’ll build clubhouses, sea houses, mansions and tree houses. In a matter of months p pocket will take over the entire pocket. We’ve got to keep woman safe from her. She’s a madwoman.

  2. no conspiracy
    no theory
    plain fact….Functional pockets cause unsightly flappy bulges that disrupt the style lines and draw attention to a womans waistline, an area a significant portion of women try not to highlight.

    Up until a fairly short tima ago in human history most women or their mothers were sewing the bulk of their garments. Go check old clothing patterns from the 20s, 30s, 40s…plenty of “fashion faux pockets” and those patterns were being made for and by women who were making garments for themselves and their families..

    Seriously, If the vocal demand for pocketrights matched the consumer response to functional pockets no design house or manufacturer would bother with the faux ones. But women do not respond as well in reality as they do in theory.

  3. The purse industry sure but! I think it’s also because clothing companies want women’s clothing to fit so snuggly on the body that deep pockets means you’re carrying more which means your pants are bulkier.

  4. When companies make clothes with pockets women don’t buy them because having pockets full of shit makes their figure look worse. If women prioritized pockets when they actually made purchases then it would be massively profitable to sell them.

  5. If women wanted pockets they would buy clothing with pockets and designers would make more clothing with pockets.

    But what they want is a sexy look, so they don’t want the bulges from pockets, so designers don’t put pockets in clothes.

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