What’s your fantasy “rich person hobby”?

What’s your fantasy “rich person hobby”?

What do you think?


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  1. Building a house with no doors, only bookcases which swivel to reveal a secret passageway every time you pull on a book with an appropriate title.

    Eg, for the bedroom you might have Perchance to Dream by Charles Beaumont, for the kitchen Good Eats by Alton Brown, and for the bathroom – Urgent! by Dermot Crowley.

  2. Living at a hotel – one of those “classy if you’re rich but trashy if you’re poor” hobbies. I would travel around the world, and experience what’s it like to live in different countries

  3. I’d really like to hire a ton of experts to help me find and preserve a wildlife habitat with all native species.

    Get rid of all the invasive plants and whatnot and make it how it was before we got here. I’d be the anti gardener.

  4. Giving to people in need. My wife and I decided that if we win a big lottery we will have a monthly giving fund where we will have to give away a certain amount of money to those in need.

  5. Owning a private collection of military vehicles (tanks, mainly) from various militaries and eras in modern history. I’d like to own a 155mm howitzer as well and just take it out to the desert occasionally and blow shit up with it. I feel like that would be really soothing.

  6. A guy I know who was lucky enough to retire with more money than he needed. He observed that **angel investing** was more about philanthropy than any kind of return on investment.

    He put a big chunk of change into a blockchain company in 2009. They went belly up, but not before they gifted him with a thousand or so free Bitcoins. “They’ll be worth real money some day.” My friend thought it was hilarious a few months later when someone managed to get a pizza for 10,000 Bitcoins. He sold out later when Bitcoin reached $29, and called it one of his most successful angel investments. I think he almost broke even.

    I should call him and find out what he thinks of Bitcoins today.

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