What’s your favorite movie but explain it poorly ?

What’s your favorite movie but explain it poorly ?

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  1. A group of boys and girls shower together. Alien insects hit South America with a space rock. A boy that was whipped kills a lot of bugs. Doogie Howser says the smart bug is scared. Do you want to know more?

  2. Dad keeps kids trapped at home far into adulthood by lying to them about reality and the world and then they have sex with each other and the oldest girl rips out her tooth.

  3. Guy takes his recent past self to his farther past self and they both have sex and create the guy, it’s the actual plot, i didn’t even try to describe it poorly there is no way you can explain this movie without being totally confused

  4. they’ve been warned not to read from the book, they just won’t listen, and a bitch ass old dude chasing them so he can be with his gf again, shit is a hell of ride though.

  5. No one will ever get this because I think it went straight to DVD in the early 2000s. Woman in love with pop singer wins over his lover and tries to find a crossbow killer.

  6. So like these guys can breathe good and then they get on a train and then the one guy is really good so he breathes better than the rest but the other guys who can breathe help the other guy but then train goes uh oh and then guy who can breathe really good becomes donut

  7. Civil servant plays high stakes Texas hold’ em against weaponized /r/wallstreetbets, gets his nuts hammered, and watches his double crossing bitch of a girlfriend drown herself.

  8. This crazy NYPD officer goes to a christmas party at his ex wife work (In LA!), kills like 12 dudes, explode a building, take her with him and go to an undisclosed location with her and a driver that talk with bears!

    Invisible Man my ass, this is a real toxic relationship!

  9. Tiny milf who lives in a cinder block visits the scariest fucking owl in history and a cyberpunk rosebush. Many, many impressive lighting effects occur.

  10. Hundreds of unnamed characters die as a shrinking group of adventurers make their way to a hidden civilization; the movie features a couple with a millennia-wide age gap and the older one is temporarily transformed into an object about as powerful as a nuclear bomb.

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