What’s your favorite sport to play and why?

What’s your favorite sport to play and why?

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  1. Probably it’s not so much a sport as a useful, pleasant hobby is cycling.
    Here is a list of reasons to love cycling)
    1. Pleasant company
    2. Excellent technology
    3. Bright T-shirts
    4. Modern fastening of shoes to pedals
    5. It is for this reason that cafes are open on Sunday morning
    6. The euphoria of a fast descent
    7. Incredibly useful
    8. A quick way to get from point “A” to point “B”
    9. An antidote to a bad mood
    10. Charming racing strategies (which are hard to explain)
    11. Problems of big cities
    12. You can get anywhere (of course, not anywhere)
    13. An impressive sight when the peloton sweeps by
    14. You can watch the race up close
    15. Getting lost is fascinating
    16. Eat a lot and burn calories right away
    17. Do not pollute the environment (not counting the smell of sweat)
    18. A pint of beer after a bike ride
    19. It’s cheap (to some extent)
    20. The feeling when the wind blows your hair (maybe you like helmets)

  2. Wrestling. You have wrestle off’s in practice, if you win you’ll have earned the right to represent your school. This means you don’t have to worry about the coach’s favorite.

    You wrestle one on one, instead of being part of team. I lettered three sports and loved them all, but wrestling is my favorite.

  3. It’s pretty rare that I play any sports nowadays, but I’ve always been fond of snooker, billiards and pool (even if I get each game mixed up with one another at times). I used to do archery on occasion as well, but it’s been a while since I last took my bow out. I need to rectify that sometime.

    I’d love to do HEMA, but the nearest school to me is about 4 hours away by car (if the roads are quiet, at least, or 6-8 hours if not), but since I don’t drive I’d have to go by train, which is about 6-8 hours (mostly due to the coastal rail system. Takes about 4 hours just to go 40 miles, then it speeds up a bit).

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