What’s your favorite state in America to live in?

What’s your favorite state in America to live in?

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  1. Okay, look. Real talk time. Ohio gets shit on, but we’re actually really fucking awesome. Here’s why:

    Decent cost of living.

    Large amount of tech jobs.

    Lots of concerts and venues all over the state, all of which tend to be at reasonable costs even for big name bands, but small awesome bands are cheap.

    Between Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland we have huge amounts of high end fine dining, as well as some really great chefs doing amazing things with food. Having been to New York, we’re not NYC, but we’re genuinely close.

    Lots of random events, places to go to including skiing, boating, camping, canoeing, hiking, golfing, etc. We have music festivals of all kinds, local food festivals, massive farmers market plazas, a huge beer scene and beer tours, air shows, boat shows, car shows, all kinds of stuff.

    Sure, we’re not California or New York. But we have almost all of the attractions of the bigger cities at a fraction of the price. With telecommuting and remote work becoming more prevalent, the bigger cities in Ohio and the areas around them should be really attractive these days.

  2. On account that I’ve only lived in two states. I love Kentucky hence why I loved here after college, but boy do I miss home back in Virginia. If it was up to me I would have never left Virginia but the area I grew up in lacks any opportunity.

  3. As a former Yankee, I love living in Alabama. The people are so friendly and NEVER bring up the War of Northern Aggression or harass me about my liberal views. What a state!!!

  4. Definitely *not* Montana.

    It’s too cold in the 8 months of winter, and too hot the rest of the time; the animals are all annoying, you have to drive a million miles to get anywhere, there are no decent restaurants, hotels, or spas, and the people all expect you might pitch in and help with things like plowing the road or building trails or splitting firewood. It’s the worst, and no one should move there.

  5. Alabama. Mainly for the people, but there are a lot of great perks. The beaches are shockingly great, good fishing, hunting, and all around good wilderness. But nothing beats the people (except maybe football). The people that live here are some of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met.

  6. For me, it would be Virginia. They have all 4 seasons and winters aren’t so bad. I have lived in Michigan with long, cold winters and in Texas where the summers are hellishly hot. That’s why Virginia is my choice and my favorite.

  7. Massachusetts. Surprisingly green, huge rural swaths, historic locations, the ocean and the craggy New England coast. We speak snow. Smart people. Lots of young people at lots of colleges and universities. The sexiest man in the world lives here (and I’m married to him!). Progressive. Liberal. Loving. First state to legalize same-sex marriage. Really nice people.

    Come visit. You might decide not to leave. I did. Stayed for 37 years. So far.

  8. Kentucky. It’s really peaceful and UNLIKE FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA and TEXAS, who have been on the news for random shit more times than I have said “OK” in my life, we have common sense.

  9. Colorado. I live in Texas, it’s way to hot and humid. Colorado is like the opposite basically. It’s a beautiful place. It’s mountains and plains pretty much. I’d love to live in the mountains when I’m older.

  10. Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

    Well until the Nimby fucktardafornians moved up here.

    I dOnT lIkE sHiPs jEtS gUnS lOgGiNg

    I’m gonna throw a fucking apple at your nutsack if you bring that shit to my community.

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