What’s your favorite word to intentionally mispronounce?

What’s your favorite word to intentionally mispronounce?

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  1. Arkansas. We put with a lot of your shit, America. But I draw the line here. There is no way that’s pronounced are-can-saw. Don’t care if its French. Its are-Kansas.

  2. My oldest, when she was about 2, loved Christmas lights. But couldn’t say Christmas.

    They are forever “Creepies lights” in our household.

  3. Pubic.

    Saw a news cast of a law enforcement official exclaiming that someone’s wife came home and assaulted him because she found “pubical” hairs on her vibrator that weren’t hers.

    Ever since…pubical.

  4. Lasagna as la-sag-nan-a. I said it so much in week at every restaurant my family went to, to the point when I stopped, everyone was convinced I started saying it wrong.

  5. i’ve started using benedict cumberbatch’s pengwing pronunciation and i must mention it goes heavily unnoticed. Also james may’s* ‘an – a’ swap is pretty stealthy.

    *it may (no pun intended) not actually be him who does it. My memory fails me but there is a celebrity who does it. For now though, it’s james may 🙂

  6. I’ve had every French word/brand name I use with a heavy “trønder” accent going for a long time now. Defending it with the statement “French always sound better in Trøndersk”.(Trønder is a Norwegian dialect)

    Recently I’ve tried to acquire the habit of pronouncing meme as memay and mayme. But it’s used so seldom that it’s hard to acquire it.

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